Monday, January 19, 2009

Hannah's curtains

I just finished Hannah's curtains. Her room is absolutely adorable. I will go over tomorrow and hang them. I took them today to measure so they hit the floor right. The color in these sheers is just the perfect little bit of something to her fun and colorful room. Here in these pics they are just set atop a hutch in my sewing room so I could take pictures.

These are the fabrics I got for Claire's curtains. The comforter on the left is hers, and I have it here to sort of guide me to make her curtains. I got three fabrics. The stripe, the green polka dot and the brown corduroy. Again, this is in my sewing room. I have a crib in there for Noah.


Maryrose said...

Cute, can't wait to see them up and in the room. Love the colors.

Kristi said...

Ditto what my Mom said, and I have to admit, I enjoyed looking at the pictures on your hutch as much as the curtains!!

Kris said...

Thanks Kristi,
Bet you saw a couple of your Mama up there on my bulletin board!