Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yesterday I found this yummy fabric!!!! The one on the left, the barn red with gold thread detail was my first find! I loved it! I am a huge red fan, and I have red all throughout my house. I am especially partial to barn red. Then I found this floral red and muted olive green fabric. LOVE it!! I bought the entire bolt of the red one, and 5 yards of the floral. But I am thinking about going back and getting the rest of it today. AND, it was a STEAL!!! So, I have been auditioning it all around my house, trying to decide just how I will use it before I start to cut. Here it is shown on my sofa. A perfect match! The green swirl in the floral is the exact shade of my sofa fabric. The reds match my pillows that are already on the sofa. But I have a Wheatie that has a pillow fetish and he has snuck in there on many occasions and chewed on the corners of these pillows and completely destroyed one of them.

Here is it on the chair, and it is the exact color of the orchid in the background.

And here is is up against my step back hutch, also a great match with the plates on the hutch.

A close up showing the detail of the gold thread running through it in a diamond pattern with a large button like center at each corner.
Looks great with the pattern on the chair and ottoman.
And in the family room, love it with my barn red chest, and against the gold in this pillow. I also have a lot of gold in this room.

Hmmmm, maybe new kitchen curtains?

And I REALLY love it here in the kitchen against my Tuscan Gold walls!!!

A tablecloth? Chair pads? Oh...I think I may be needing more of this fabric!!!

So, what do you think??? Living room, kitchen, family room, oh, it would go in my bedroom too, didn't even audition it there yet!!
On a side note...take a look at that table topper in the photo. My friend Jae brought that back to me from France. A typical Provence fabric. Love the detail on it. Bees in the darker gold band of fabric, and trapunto in the center part of the fabric, and in the exact yellow gold that I have in it!


Katie said...
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Kris said...

Thanks Katie. I am leaning towards using it in the kitchen. I went back and bought the rest of the floral bolt too. Now I have about 10 yds ea.
And thank you for sharing your fun blog find with me. She looks like a woman after my own heart!!!
Can't wait to see more of her blog!
: )

Kris said...
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Lauri said...

Like you, I LOVE, Love, love red/gold decor'. My entire house is in that color scheme. I would have bought that fabric too. And you do what I do...audition it aound the house. I'm anxious to see what wonderful creation comes from it.

deb said...

I love red too, its all over my house, in every room, I love that fabric!!!!!! Pillows would be awesome, and YES kitchen curtains!!!!!

Kelly said...

YOu crack me up! But I do love that fabric too!! It goes so well in your house!

An Accomplished Woman said...

Love the fabrics. Love it... and your home

Angela said...

OH... Beautiful fabric! I love finding great home dec fabrics and using them in my home. I think I would have to make kitchen curtains with it and then also make some throw pillows to add into your living room to flow the color on though the house.... ooh and maybe a table runner for your kitchen or dining room table. Would love to see what you end up making with it... it is a great fabric find!