Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ten Important Things I've Learned Since Becoming A Grandma

1. Getting dirty never hurt anything. Faces and clothing wash.
2. Giving 3 Jelly Beans to a toddler to avert a possible tantrum is okay once in a while.
3. You can NEVER get too many hugs and kisses!
4. It doesn't matter how big a mess the kids make of the house, it always cleans up just fine.
5. Staying in your p.j.'s til noon is fun at Grandma's house.
6. Sitting in the swing is always more fun with a baby on your lap.
7. There are some pretty darn good programs on the Disney Channel, Noggin, and Sprout.
8. Bringing a toddler into Target with a Pacy and a Ni-Ni isn't embarrassing at all.
9. Reading the same story over and over and not even having to skip parts is just fine too.
10. Dancing to Raffi with your Granddaughter while watching her delightful expressions is the best kind of dancing there is.


Lauri said...

Isn't it great that we become more relaxed as grandparents. I would have been a much more fun mama had I been this relaxed the first time around.

Kristi said...

What a great post, it made me smile!!

Linda said...

LOL sweet and so cute! Many of those things I learned running a preschool too. I can't wait to live them with my own granddaughter now!!

Maryrose said...

I think you about covered it....

Genn said...

And your grandkids are lucky that they have such a great grandma who takes such an active roll in their lives! Cute post.

Cheryl said...

I am slowly finding out all the good stuff. We have a bench swing in the back yard and even at 6 months old Luke loves the swing, it's our favorite spot!!

Linda said...

Yup - they live very close and our son works at the same company as DH. So once that baby is born, we'll see her all the time. Can't wait!!