Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Camp Runamuk In Full Swing!

Claire says "Enough about the big kids. If you want to see cute....look at me!"
"Hey Hannah......Can you spit like this?"
"Uh oh....Dad....did you bring the diaper bag? I think I may have made a mess!"

"W-O-A-H....STOP SWINGING SO HARD, my drink box is spilling!"
"I'm Baaaack...fresh as a daisy!"

"Oh Daddy, people are watching!"
Camp Counselor Gennifer, sitting down on the job.....tsk...tsk....tsk!
"Ah geez...maybe kickball isn't my thing"

"Gymnastics....NOW we're talking!"

"Oh Woah....you think you are so cool. But I am the oldest, so just do as I say and no one gets hurt!"

" Swinging like this.....and you put your hands up like this, and look pretty......"
"Hey Hannah...wanna see a snake?"
"That will teach you Woah.....you don't mess with me..now stay in there til I say you can come out!"

"Aw come on Hannah, I said I was sorry....don't make me wait over here by the boat!! HANNAH!!"
"OK Noah, watch me....you find the orange, and then you pull real hard. But you just watch, I will do it."

"Yep, that's it Noah, you get the ones off the ground and I'll get the ones off the trees. We'll see you next time.....at Camp Runamuk!


Kristi said...

What fun with the kiddos!! Did you use your new camera???? It looks like Hannah and Noah are having a lot of fun together these days!!

Kris said...

Hi Kristi,
Yes, I was using my new camera. Hannah and Noah are playing so much better these days! They really have fun. Still some fighting, but all in all, much better.

Genn said...

I love your commentary! Great pictures. Your new camera is great. I want it. I want it real bad.

Amy said...

How fun! I got the gift today...love it! It's perfect for my diaper bag :) Thank you very much.

Kelly said...

I'm laughing aloud! Cute post!!

P.S. I can't believe you already made your home-made gifts! I love it! Thank you! And thank you for the surprise inside!

Maryrose said...

Kelly - what were the homemade gifts.
Kris - do you just love your camera. The pics are great. Cant wait to learn more about it. Kristi tries to steal mine every chance she gets.