Monday, March 30, 2009


What a wonderful birthday I had! I started the day having breakfast with my friend Jae, who has a birthday the day before mine. We had a great breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, and got nice and full. Parted ways with Jae, and got home to discover my boys arrived home early from their camping trip due to winds. I was happy to see them home. Here I am holding my birthday cake, with ribbons around my neck from a birthday gift I had just opened from my girlfriend Maryrose. It was a cute bird bath, in that green patina I love. I put the pretty purple and green ribbon around my neck, and forgot to take it off.

My son Drew, giving me a hug.

This is what Greggers got me!!!!!!! I was SO thrilled. I love photography, and my favorite subjects are my grandkids. He says he gave it to me for selfish reasons. Said he loved to see all the photos I took, especially of the grandkids. I can hardly wait to play with this fun toy. I am going to take classes to learn more about all of it's functions.

So...I thought we were meeting the kids and my Mom and Nana at Anchos for dinner. But they fooled me. My Mom had put thogether a surprise for me! They had all arranged to meet at Wood Ranch, where Drew told me he had to drop off an application and said the manager knew me from a long time ago and wanted to say hello. So Greg talked me into walking in with him. I never had a clue until Drew said, oh he said to meet him back here in this room. And at that point I went.....wait a minute...something's up! And "Surprise" my whole family, minus one nephew...Timmy we missed you, was in a back room waiting for us. We had a great time, and they totally fooled me!!!

Hannah had helped her Mommy make Gamma cupcakes, and she was SO proud!!! She couldn't wait to pass them out, and well, she didn't wait for hers!!!! They were delicious Hannah!!!!!! I loved them! Thank you!

Three of my favorite peeps.
I was so busy visiting with everyone, I didn't take many pictures. These were taken by Greg for the most part. But I wish I had gotten pictures of everyone there. DARN!! Noah enjoying his cupcake, and then he gave up and went to sleep.
Here is little Claire, showing off for her second cousins. She and Hannah were perfect!

Jeremy and Erika. It was his first time to meet everyone. I hope we didn't scare him! That's my nephew Joe peeking in.

Hannah was very excited and anxious to help Gamma open her gifts. She was a good helper.

Our little buddy from next door, Christopher. He made me this birdhouse all by himself. Painted it too. He knows how much I love birds!!

What are these girls doing???? They are smelling the leather of my new purse. This was a birthday gift from my Mom. I had admired her purse recently. It was a pretty shade of yellow, and a perfect size. She got me this Kate Spade that is similar to hers. I love it. So springy!!!

This was back at our house after dinner. Gennifer and Jake were showing us some funny videos on You Tube.
Here she new purse. Isn't she pretty?!!!

Yes, it was a perfect day!!! Thank you Mom for planning that surprise. Thank you everyone for making my birthday such a special day! Thank you Brian for the visit last night and the pretty yellow flowers you brought me.


Kristi said...

What a great day, and so much fun to be surprised like that!! Happy, happy again! I bet you can't wait to dive into that camera!! I want a nice camera soo bad. I'm jealous!!

Katie said...

What a perfect surprise. That kind of thing is tough to orchestrate. Love the purse.

Janene said...

Happy Birthday!
It looks like a good time was had by all!
Your son is very tall!
And, I dare not forget....I love the Kate Spade!

Lauri said...

Looks like you're very loved! What a fun day for you and I too love the yellow bag. I have started looking for a yellow one too.

Tawny said...

Well aren't you spoiled! You deserve it! It was nice to see you last night, too bad we didn't get their earlier so we could have crashed the party :)
I just got my pay it forward in the mail today, I LOVE IT! Thank you SO much for your thoughtfulness!!!

Anita Lasher said...

It looks like you had a great! birthday.... You are gonna love the camera. I have the D50 it was the first one and I have wanted the D60 as it is a step up. You will love it and never need another camera again. Love the purse.... The best is that you had all your family around you the cost of that ... PRICELESS You are blessed my friend. May your birthday last all month long.

Genn said...

Glad you had a great birthdy Mom! It was a lot of fun to go to dinner, and coming back over for cake was fun too. Happy Birthday!!

Kris said...

Anita, I didn't know you had that same camera too? I knew you were really happy with your camera though. I will have to bend your ear about it. You always have such a great eye with pictures. Yes, I am truly blessed!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Kris! You are very loved!

Kris said...

Thanks everyone, for all of your well wishes and nice comments!!!

Maryrose said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday. I got that same camera for my birthday and love it. See you soon.

deb said...

OK...a surprise party AND a Kate Spade, would could be better??????

I got my darling credit card case, thanks so much ,it was a fun surprise!!!!!

Lisa said...

This made me smile. You are obviously MUCH LOVED AND APPRECIATED. I can understand this, even though I only know you as a "cyberfriend". :-) Thanks for sharing your day.

Kelly said...

How fun! I love the new purse! I just love your family! Looks like you had a great bday!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Ooohhh I'm loving that new purse. Very happy and springy. Love me some Kate Spade. I'm glad you had a happy birthday Kris. Your family is just the cutest.