Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BBQ and Easter Egg Hunt at Genny and Jake's

Our hosts, The Hasses.
Hannah Faith Full Of Grace Hass.

Eri and Noah.

Jeremy and Erika and Brian and Jamie.

Hannah looking for hidden eggs.

The love birds.....Drew and Diana and Jamie and Brian.

Little Clairie Beary.

Noah on the egg hunt, find one, eat the candies........

Hannah getting a little help from Uncle "Goo" as she calls him.

Noah doing a little sidewalk chalk.

Hannah thinking about doing some sidewalk chalk.

Noah being hung upside down by Jeremy.

The Hass Family.

Geeps with Claire.

There is something about that first bbq of the season!!! THE best! Thank you Gennifer and Jake. And you did my macaroni salad proud!!!


Kristi said...

Love that picture of you and your girls. So pretty. And the pic of the Hass family is really cute too, Hannah's smile just lights it up! Great pics and what a fun time! I can't wait to let Riley color eggs, and then hide them. I think she's going to get a kick out of it, or, she might be like Noah, find an egg, and eat the candy. She does love her M&Ms!! How fun.

Kris said...

How funny, I was in the process of removing that picture of me and the girls, because my eyes are closed. So I just took it off. But you must have viewed it right before!!!
I liked it too. Of the girls, not of me.

Katie said...

What a great day. I miss that about living close to family.

Maryrose said...

I was just thinking I missed the pic Kristi was talking about. You need to put it back on so I can see it. Looks like a fun time, your family sure is growing.

Genn said...

Cute pics. Thanks for coming to our backyard bbq.

Kristi said...

Genn has a good one of the three of you up on her blog. I'm glad she kept hers!! Very pretty picture, I think it's a framer.