Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here Comes The Bride.....

Our daughter's best friend was married today. Laura and Erika have been best friends for years. We have had the pleasure of watching them grow from silly little girls to grown women. Laura and Mike have dated since they graduated high school, eight years ago. They make a beautiful couple. And we were thrilled to be included in their special day! Laura asked me to make their wedding cake. This is what I made. A three tier cake, the lower was a four layer lemonlicious cake with lemon filling. The middle was actually two-four tier cakes, for 8 layers total, stacked and iced as one. This tier was white almond sour cream with fresh raspberry filling. The top was a four layer chocolate kahlua with bavarian cream filling. All was iced in buttercream, and covered with tiny dots. Wide satin ribbon at bottom of each tier, and hydrangeas at the request of the bride. Hydrangeas are toxic and we opted for using silk instead of fresh on the cake. Laura purchased the topper of snuggling love birds.

The cake table. I didn't do the table decorating, just the cake.

Close up of topper.

Bride and Groom having first piece.

Laura showing her ring.

A happy bride.

First dance.

Entering reception as husband and wife.

A cute picture of Erika and Jeremy.

Laura with Greg and I.

Erika and Jeremy with Stacy and her boyfriend.

This was the neatest thing....when the reception was starting, a lady was set up with her canvas and began a painting. She started off with the dance floor, and the scene from where she was standing. As the evening progressed along, she continued to paint the scene as it was happening. The photographer gave her a photo of Mike and Laura's first dance, and with digital photography, that was so easy to do. What a wonderful way to capture a special occasion. I got her card and I hope to have the opportunity to use her one day. When we left I took another picture. But she was not finished. I wish I could see the finished painting. I will ask Laura to see it some day. My cake looks pretty good in the painting!

It was a beautiful wedding. May you have a very happy life together Mike and Laura!


Kristi said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I love the architecture of the cake, so creative, and it sounds delish! So simple yet so creative and beautiful. GREAT job!! I'm sure the bride was more than thrilled.

Genn said...

Wow, so so so beautiful Mom! You did a great job! And I can say that it tasted WONDERFUL!! Jake took the rest of our piece to work and I was mad that I didn't get to eat more of that chocolate kahlua cake. It was so good.

Laura looked stunning. Great picture of Erika and Jeremy looking at each other. So cute. And that lady doing the painting was so neat. What a fun picture to hang from your special day.

Maryrose said...

Kris your cake was devine. What a different and stunning look. You created it with perfection. Bravo.

I love the picture of Erika and Jeremy and there is one of Laura with Erika in it. I think Erika looks so beautiful in that picture. Great wedding, congrats to the bride and groom. (and the cake maker)

Lauri said...

Absolutely perfect! Your attention to detail is amazing. And I love the flavor combinations...sounds as good as it looks. What a great idea to have an artist capturing the wedding. I love that!

Kris said...

Thanks girls! I really enjoyed making this cake. It was something different, and I learned a lot doing it.

Nicole said...

What a beautiful cake! And I love that painting idea.

Cheryl said...

WOW - that cake is beautiful!!! Such a pretty bride. Looks like the day was perfect!! Great family photos.