Monday, April 13, 2009


We gave Hannah and Claire their Easter baskets the night before Easter since Jake had to work Easter day and Gennifer wasn't planning to come to my brothers house since the girls naps are in the middle of the day. That Claire has the longest eyelashes! Double click on this picture and get a load of those long sweeping lashes! She and Hannah both have the prettiest blue eyes!!! Claire loved her little mini car controls toy.
Hannah says....."Mmmmmm-CANDY!"
Hannah helping Claire see what is inside her basket!

Easter morning, Noah and Erika came over before we went to my brothers house. They were going to Jeremy's parents. So my family was all spread out. Drew had to work, so he wasn't there either.
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My baby brother Tim and two of his boys, Matt and Nick.
My Mom and Tim and Nana.My brother David and sister in law Glenda playing ping pong.
The chicken that Tim said I could have. But Greg says I can't have! I am getting her!!! As soon as I get a coop!
You have heard of the goose that layed the golden egg? Well this chicken layed a dozen eggs on Easter morning! My nephew Cody swears this is true. He says he heard her clucking like crazy, and went out to check on her, and there she was with a dozen brown eggs!!! I think she knew it was Easter and she gave a little extra for the Easter Egg Hunt!!
Here are the Easter eggs she laid. Just the brown ones.

This is my Great Uncle Joe-97 years young, and his little sis, my Nana-95 years young!!! We should all know their secret to longevity!
Nephews Chad, Tim and Joe doing tricks on the trampoline. I got down on the ground and shot straight up to take these shots. I love the tree and sky backdrop!
Nephew Nick doing his trampoline tricks for me.I love this. It looks like they are free falling!
Uncle Dave won the jelly bean counting game that Nick hosted. He is known for cheating, so this was pretty funny that he won!!!Happy Easter!


Kristi said...

Wow, those eyelashes are AMAZING!! I remember Hannah had gorgeous eyelashes too, what am I saying HAD, she still does! I don't know Kris, these babies are WAY to cute out here in Corona, I think we should all get together and start a cute baby reality tv show. People would watch.

That's too bad that everyone was split up for Easter, but at least you got together last weekend. Good pics of the boys on the tramp!

Maryrose said...

Happy Easter. I saw your beloved son at Islands on Saturday night and he came by a chatted. We enjoyed seeing him.
Your pics are cute, and it looks like you had a great time. I want to eat what Nana and Uncle Joe eat so I can be like them at 95 or 97. I will take either. See you in the morning

Genn said...

Good pics mom. Fun shots of the boys on the trampoline. Which we got to go.

Anonymous said...

Aww great pics.. Looks like everyone had a good easter :)

Picket said...

What a great post...loved seeing all your beautiful family..looks like it was just a glorious day for all....and that chicken...oh my word....I'd pay good money to have one and be able to go out everyday and see her and talk to her as she walked around the yard with me...oh you lucky thing you!!!!!! lol lol I love chickens!!! Thanks so much for coming by sweetie and for the sweet comment..hope you have had a great day!

Tawny said...

Those are great shots of the boys jumping! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter!