Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mary-Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

With hoes and rakes, and seeds and stakes, and 7 trips to HOME DEPOT!!!!
Getting started early in the morning. This is our new bio stack composting bin.
Unloading the bags of soil ammendment and the rototiller from the truck.
I know it's RedNeck...but it was perfect for trailing strawberry plants. I'll call it "Gamma's Wee-Wee strawberry patch."
You can see by the cloud cover that it was a perfect day for preparing our garden. This is what the area looked like before we began to rake and level and then rototill the earth. We had cleared the debris the weekend before.

Greg getting started with the tiller.
We had a visit from Elders Varney and McBride. They insisted on helping us. So we set them up on sunflower planting. The back fence will be lined with giant sunflowers.
This is the first patch, prepared and tilled with all the soil ammendment. I planted different varieties of tomatoes on each corner. The second patch just beyond the first is tilled and ready to plant our pumpkins and watermelons next weekend.
We had a visit in the late afternoon from The Hasses. Isn't that Claire Beary the cutest thing?
Oops, out of order, but it is too late to rearrange now. This is the different soils and ammendments being raked out before tilling.
Miss Hannah Faith tamping down the freshly tilled patch for us. She loved helping in the dirt!
The Hasses arriving with guacamole and chips to share!!

Hannah helping Geeps plant the corn.
Greg putting in the last of the peppers. I had run out of gas at this point....can you tell?
Giving everything a little water and hopefully tomorrow it will still be there. We are worried about the varmints getting into it. We do have a lot of critters out here. We may have to put up chicken wire fencing. So, this has been a long time desire of ours. We have never done a real garden here in this house because we don't have any area that gets full sun. So when we were able to take over that extra 20 feet of easement property recently, we decided it might be the best place to try it. Wish us luck!


Tawny said...

Way to go, put Greg to work! I love your toilet planter! I bet those will be the best strawberries ever!

Genn said...

So fun Mom and Dad. We can't wait to taste some of your homegrown produce. Especially the wee wee strawberries! Hannah was SO filthy, but she had so much fun in the dirt.

Lauri said...

Sounds like a fun day. I am itching to plant a garden but I'd have to get rid of some flowers to do it. Good luck and keep us posted!

(I love that Greg is wearing overalls---the perfect attire for the day's work.)

Kris said...

It was such a fun and hard working day! And even though it may look like Greg was the only one working, believe me, I was working right along side him all day long!! This morning we took our coffee out there, and sat at the picnic table and watched the garden grow, and listen to the birds. It was so peaceful. Like camping. Loved it!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

How fun Kris!!! Or should I say Farmer Kris??? lolol Green Acres we are here!!!!!!!!!!! Sing it with me wont ya?? I cant wait to see it all popping up.
Happy Easter

Katie said...

I loved your poem. Very clever. I love having a Garden...nothing beats fresh produce.

that close up of Genny is a little Audrey Heburn. The Grover (and Hass) girls are all beauties.

Amy said...

That is so neat. I can't wait to see all of the things start to grow!

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What a rewarding experience it will be when you can harvest the fruits of you labor!! DH and I gardened at our old house in the 80's and I hope to start one here when we retire.

Have a great week watching your garden grow!

Cheryl said...

Looks like the perfect day to me. Working outside with family and friends...geat heart warming post!
Oh I love that berry planter!!!

Kristi said...

How great, looks like you both worked really hard! I'd love to plant some tomatoes, but I'm afraid I'm quickly passing my window of opportunity. I love home grown tomatoes on an open face grilled cheese. So when did you say yours would be ready???

deb said...

Gee whiz you have some serious acreage over that an orange grove???? I have no sun in my tiny little yard either, I would love a big garden like yours!!!! keep us updated please!!!

Maryrose said...

Wow, it looks great. Can't wait to see it up close and personal. what a lot of work you and Greg put into it. Don't knock yourself out, you have to walk on Tuesday. What do you think will come up first? Happy Farming Ma and Pa Grover.