Monday, April 20, 2009

Is it April or September????

Clairey Berry is big enough for the swing now. She loved it!
Add Image Dommie came by to play too. She brought Gamma some iced tea!!! Here she is having fun with Hannah and Noah.
"Wowa" as Hannah calls Noah...."You better watch out........"

SO proud of herself!!! Noah liked it too!
I had a hard time getting him to get out of the pool and come in for his nap. He was having a ball!

Thanks Genny and Jake for coming over and bringing the fixings for a yummy lunch. It was a lot of fun! Summer is getting an early kick off with this heat!!


Kelly said...

Cute pics! I just love the feeling of Summer approaching!

Genn said...

Hannah had fun in the pools today. I think you'll be seeing more of us soon. :)

Sharon said...

They are soo cute Kris.
Where did that 100 degree weather come from anyway? WOWZER it was hot today!!!!

Maryrose said...

Cute pictures. The kids look like they are having a ball. That swing looks like fun for Claire too. Feels like summer already.

Kristi said...

Ohhh great pics! The kiddos looked like they enjoyed the pool. Wow, is it really already that time of the year? I'm gonna have to get a swing like that, Claire looks like she's having a ball. She's gotten so big!

Kris said...

Maryrose and Kristi,
We got that swing for Noah for Valentine's Day when he was not yet a year, and it has gotten a TON of use. He loves it, Hannah still likes to swing in it, and now Claire too. Definitely got our money's worth out of that. I love it on the patio too.
Now, I am wanting a full size, old school, A frame swing set!

Kristi said...

I'm telling you Kris, pretty soon you can start charging admission!! Those grandkids of yours have it MADE at Grandma's house, how fun!!

Kris said...

Well it helps me to have the things here that they love to do. A small price to pay, I say.