Friday, May 22, 2009

Come "Grow" With Me

My first harvest!!!! Three radishes. I could have picked more, but I didn't want to pull them all up at once.
The strawberries are doing really nicely. We eat them every time we go out there to water, all plump and juicy and warm from the sun.
Out of all of the sunflowers we planted (well, the Elders planted) only a few have made it.
Two rows of my watermelons. The row on left has taken off like gangbusters. I planted those two weeks after the main garden. The one row of pumpkins sprouted, and looked great for about a week, then just turned brown and died? Big mystery. I am going to plant more this weekend.

Close up of watermelon plant.

One of the tomato plants that made it. We planted 5, and two died.
The zukes are going to do well. But they scooted over too close to the corn, so that may be a problem. I don't dare risk pulling it up and replanting it. So I will just cross my fingers.
The view at the very back of the north forty. Corn is doing well, but not as high as an elephant's eye just yet!!


Kelly said...

Looking good! I wish I had the room for such an extensive garden!

Lauri said...

Impressive! I can't believe how quickly everything came up. Looks like you've been able to keep the critters out pretty well.

Genn said...

Lookin good. Are you using farmer's lingo now?

high as an elephants eye?

You're a nerd.

Nice garden though.

Kris said...

Ahem.....scuse me Gennifer, are you making fun of your Mother? I have news for will probably be doing the same thing in oh....about 20 years!!!!

deb said...

those radishes look yummy!!!
Girl, you are gonna have watermelons all over the place!!!!

Looks like somethings eating your sunflowers, that happened to a few of mine too.......

Good job!!!!

Maryrose said...

Love the garden pics. I was just thinking I needed a garden update. Genn you will be sorry for mocking your mother when the corn is as high as an elephant's eye and you don't get invited to eat any ;)
Looking good farmer Kris.