Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Erika!!!

Today, baby girl number 2 turned 26!!! We had a fun afternoon bbq here at the house. All the kids, and their kids, and a few friends too. We missed you Jake. Sorry you had to work and miss the fun.

Some of the girls.

Erika and her Daddy.

Hannah and Noah sitting like big kids at the picnic table.

Hannah looking through the telescope.

Gennifer and Claire Berry.

Genny and Claire, Jeremy and Noah out in the grove.

Jeremy and Noah.

Blowing out her candle.

Happy-Happy Birthday Erika. We love you!!!!!


Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Erika!! Looks like a fun time! I didn't realize how close Genn and Erika's birthdays are. Did you do a lot of combo birthdays when they were kids?

Maryrose said...

Happy Birthday Erika. Looks like another fun event at the Grover homestead. Good food, family and good friends.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Erika! Looks like another good time!!

Genn said...

Cute pictures Mom. It was a fun party.