Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Farm Hands

Six weeks ago, Greg and I spent a weekend planting our first real garden. We had some visitors, and some helpers too! Mommy wouldn't let Claire get dirty, but Hannah helped us rake the earth smooth.
And she helped Geeps plant the corn. What a good helper!!! Now I need her to come back and help me weed and water.

Today I got Noah out there for the first time to help Gamma in the garden. At first he was a little iffy! And yes, I did get wet!!! But it didn't take any time at all before he took command of that garden sprayer and made sure to water every plant, cat, lizard and rock that got in his way! " LOOK OUT GAMMA "

" I think I have the hang of it. Just tuck it under my arm, and let the water go."

"WOO-HOO!!!! I am FARMING!!!"
This is hard work, and a farmer needs a good pair of boots.
"Green Acres is the place to livin' is the life for spreadin' out so far and wide......."
(You're going to have to be well over 40 to know where that little jingle comes from!!)
"Hmmmm, what have we here? Looks like something that might be kind of fun"
"WOO-HOO......and maybe a little dancing.....and...
"hmmmm, I wonder what it would be like to just bend down here and touch it.....yeah...nice and squishy, just like I thought."
"Gamma, can you help me?"
"And then I peddled our harvest back from the north forty up to the house. Gamma said it was time for a washing and some lunch."
"I can't wait to go help Gamma with her garden again! Maybe next time Hannah can come and help too."


Kelly said...

I love those pictures! Especially the one of Noah bending over! Derek had those car boots. I had to retire them a few weeks ago because they were full of holes!

Genn said...

Too funny! Those were GREAT pictures! Love the ones of him watering the corn! So cute.

Kristi said...

So cute! Love, love, love those boots. Boys are so fun and totally know how to get dirty!! Noah has lots of fun with his Gamma I can tell! Great pictures!

Maryrose said...

"Leave Manhatten just give me that countryside".... I guess I am over 40. Love the post, I can't wait to have a garden. Looking good.

Tawny said...

Great pictures and perfect commentary! I love it! I was just talking with Genn about your yard and had no idea you had so many avacados you need help getting rid of...we are so coming over there soon :)

deb said...

too much fun...I wish I had room for a "real garden"...right now Im trying to find a spot for some squash seeds, just knowing they will take over 1/2 my yard....I love your garden....