Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hannah and Claire

Gennifer came over early this morning with the girls to wish her Dad a Happy Father's Day with breakfast burritos from Burger Basket.(If you live in Corona, these are the best around!) We sat out on the patio and ate and then took the girls through the grove to see the new swings we put up, and to play a bit. Here's Clairey on her swing which is now hanging from one of the orange trees at the edge of the patio where we bbq.
And here is Hannah trying out the new tire swing. It is made out of tires, in the shape of a horse. Complete with stirrups and a tail and mane. My brother got it for the kids when he was recently up in Los Olivos.

Here is Hannah measuring how tall she is against the corn.
And helping Gamma water the watermelon patch.

The sunflowers are all opening up pretty!

Thanks for the visit girls!!!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love the sunflower. Miss me some Burger Basket!!! I could go for a bacon cheeseburger and some fried zucchini right now.

Kelly said...

Love those breakfast burritos! Beautiful sunflower pic!

Genn said...

It was a fun morning visit! And GREAT breakfast burritos. Thanks for letting us water your garden!

Kristi said...

Love that first pic of Greg and Claire. Your sunflowers are gorgeous, and I must not pay attention because I didn't know you were growing corn too, yummy!

deb said...

Your garden looks awesome, its really growing! my sunflowers are about 5' now but not opened yet?

I need to try that burger basket place!

Kris said...

I planted bazillions of sunflowers, and only about 6 made it. But they are opened and beautiful. Maybe about 3.5 feet tall. Could be another variety.
My garden has done great, except for one very wiley gopher who has completely destroyed almost all of my zucchini plants!!!!!

Katie said...

I just ate a yoplait yogurt and pretended it was a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast burrito from Burger Basket!!!! Some how that fantasy didn't quite last long enough! ;)
Greg sure is a handsome Grand daddy!!!