Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Three Hour Tour..........

Welcome aboard. Your captains for this afternoon's tour will be Cap'n Dave and Cap'n Greg.
Come aboard and find a seat. The seating is limited.
Wait a minute here, looks like we have a new Cap 'n! That is Cap'n Noah trying to wrestle the steering wheel from his Mimi.
Now we have Cap'n Jeremy letting Cap'n Noah get some of his ships hours under his belt. He is not far from going solo.
This trip was a little like Jungle Cruise at Disneyland! Our first sighting was Mama Duck and her ducklings.
And much to my excitement, WOOD DUCKS!!! If you are not a birding enthusiast, this means nothing to you. But if you are, double click on these gorgeous ducks. They are not common, and this is my first photo. There were at least three pairs that were sunning on the docks of this home. I am bringing my Wood Duck house to my Mom's in hopes to get a pair.
Wood Ducks in flight.
A charming scene. These two bright yellow adirondack chairs look so inviting sitting out there on the dock. Just below is a bright red boat for lake cruising. Chad, I bet that makes you want a Corona!
A sun bathing turtle.
And when the cruise was over, I did a little photo shoot of Eri and Jeremy for their engagement pictures. Here they are, sitting on the dock.
Oh how I want a zoom lens! The back drop for these was so beautiful. And in some of the pictures, the reflection from the pretty flowers was so pretty in the water. Just a perfect place for pictures!
Sitting in the gazebo on the lake at Grandma's house.
The re-enactment of the proposal. The boats going by thought it was the real thing, and were asking..."what did she say?"
From the looks of things, the answer was yes!

"Hey guys, let me in on the action!!!"
Oh Mama, we love your new home!!!!! Look at that reflection of colors!
Oh, and a pretty cute couple too!


Genn said...

Great pictures. Love that last one.

Tawny said...

So did they have someone come and take pictures and you took some too? Did you camera not come with a zoom :( Hope you get one soon, your pictures are great!
How exciting for Erica!!!

Kelly said...

I think you did a great job! The scenery is great!

Kristi said...

Awe, I'm in love just looking at those pictures! I'm so happy for Erika and Noah, you got some great pictures. I think my favorites are the one with Erika up on the step, and the ones with them on the dock, gorgeous place to take pictures!

Kris said...

Hi guys,
Tawny, I just took them myself. They will probably have Anna do their wedding pictures, and that comes with an engagement session. But not til a few months before the wedding. Wedding date is June 19. I want a zoom so bad!!!! I don't know if I can wait for Santa!!!!!
Kristi, I think we have the same favs!

Katie said...

Great photos of Erika and Jeremy!!!!! Were those two yellow chairs at Aunt Diane's house?? maybe she will bring those to the wedding to keep the theme ;)

Kris said...

Hi Kate,
No those two yellow chairs were at another home on the lake. Are you getting excited?

deb said...

Is that Lake Forest, or Canyon Lake? Its beautiful, and the ducks, too die for, and EIGHT babies, wow!

Cheryl said...

What wonderful photos and such a pretty spot! They are a very sweet couple. Oh by the way Luke will be 17 months older than his new baby brother or sister. We are gonna have some fun!!!!