Monday, June 29, 2009

I've been Graffiti'd, errrrr...TAGGED!

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Coffee in the morning!!
2. Going to Bass Lake in the summer
3. Going out to dinner with my husband
4. Fall
5. Summer BBQ's
6. Going to the movies
7. Going to lunch and breakfast with my friends because I rarely get to do it anymore
8. Getting back to Weight Watchers
8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Had a breakfast burrito that Erika and Jeremy brought to us.
2. Cleaned a giant mess!!!
3. Went to see The Proposal with my husband
4. Layed around
5. Laundry
6. Layed around
7. Ordered Pizza in
8. Layed around
8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Paint or draw
2. Run
3. This very moment-WALK
4. Travel
5. Decorate my house without a budget.
6. Sew every day
7. Eat whatever I wanted to w/o gaining weight!
8. Work at the pace I used to w/o paying for it!!!
8 Shows I Watch:
1. Amazing Grace
2. Life On Mars
3. Cake Boss
4. Food Channel
5. Grey's Anatomy
6. Dancing With The Stars
7. American Idol
8. Morning talk shows...I too now have Nick, Sprout and kids shows on all the time!
8 People I Tag:
1. Maryrose
2. Lauri Benson
3. Heidi Kaisand
4. Deb
5. Sharon Yeager
6. Linda at Behind My Red Door
Sorry, couldn't come up with 8!


Genn said...

Thanks for playing along with the tag. Can't say I learned anything new about you either. Although, I've never heard of the show Life on Mars. Or maybe I have, but just can't think what that is. I forgot to list American Idol...but it's not on right now,so I forgot about that one.

Lauri said...

So Kris, what did you do to your foot/leg/whatever? You've hinted at it several times but I don't know what is going on. Hope you're OK

My sister tagged me for this but I haven't done it yet. I'll have to wait till I do something worthwhile that I don't mind telling everyone what I did "yesterday."

Take care

deb said...

wasnt the Proposal funny!!!!!!!!! ok, I will play......

Kristi said...

Love your answers, totally with you on decorate your house without a budget, oh the things we could do!! I should have listed Dancing on my list, what was I thinking?