Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am going to have to take a bit of a cake break. A cake-cation, if you will.
I have had to turn many orders away in recent months, and feel that with having my grandson full time, and everything else going on, including planning our daughter's wedding, that I just don't have the time I would like to have to devote to my creative outlets. Having a bum wheel right now certainly doesn't help either!! So, you may still see an occasional cake pop up on my blog, but for the most part, I am hanging up my piping bags for a little while. But I will surely find many things to continue to blog about!


Katie said...

does this cake-cation start after july 11th????? ;( I hope, hope, hope!!

Kelly said...

ahhh, well i still hope to see a cake or cookies on here once in awhile!

Tawny said...

OH NO KRIS...I was going to hit you up for Travis' baptism in August :( Maybe by then you'll miss it so much you'll be asking me to make it??? haha, jk, I totally understand. Grandbabies and your own babies come first and take up so much of your love :) You are always a good blogger about other stuff too though, I'm sure we won't be disappointed :)

Kristi said...

I hope we get to see other sweets done for fun in the future. Who knows what will happen in a year, I'm sure your cake-cation won't last too long! Sorry about the pain in your foot, that's too bad. Hope you feel better soon! Enjoy your cake-cation, I'm sure the break will be nice!