Monday, June 15, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new.

My Mom has a pretty white table with 4 parsons chairs that I LOVE!!!!! I have been looking for two that are similar to hers to add them to my dining table. She is moving and her new place isn't quite as big. So, lucky for me, and not so lucky for her, she was parting with two of her chairs, and I was the lucky one to be receiving them. I LOVE the way they look in my kitchen dining area. The walls are a Tuscan gold, and brick red is my accent color throughout the house. These are my new favorite things!!!!!!

My Mom's new house was sold furnished. But she has a house full of furntiture she loves. So she didn't want or need most of it. She let all of us come to see what we may want. I was not certain if I should take this hutch or not, as it is quite large, and much lighter than the rest of my things. I originally thought I might paint it. But when we went to pick it up, decided that I wouldn't. The detail and trim work on this piece is beautiful! And it provided me with much needed storage space for my ever growing collection of dishes and silverware, and linens. The hutch I had in my living room, was also a favorite piece of mine. It belonged to my Nana, and I love it. But it is small, and I had been spilling out of it for some time. I had been wanting to put a small hutch outside on my patio to use for my summer service pieces. I was going to paint it, but I love it just the way it is outside.
New mirror for entry way.
I moved my mini bar rack to another wall, as well as several other things. The sofa had to move down to make room for the new hutch, and I had to rehang all the photos. I moved lots of things, and I love the end result! Just need to get busy making my new living room curtains now, and some crown moulding!
Here's Nana's hutch, perfectly at home out here on our covered patio. I LOVE it!!!!!!!! It really tied this whole outdoor room together!
I will have fun changing out the things in this hutch!

New rug for outdoor wicker furniture. Ducey says he likes it!


Janene said...

Kris~You did an awesome job once again!
I am in love with that hutch your mom gave you! Perfectly aged and antiqued!
How lucky you are to have a hutch outside on your porch...very nice!

Genn said...

I love those parsons chairs too. I thought I noticed those in the pics with Ron and Sue. Very nice.

Tawny said...


Kristi said...

Look at all your fun new things! I think crown moulding will look excellent in your living room, Tim and I are going to put some up in our kitchen and family room, that entire room, I can't wait. Don't you love it when family is giving away not only furniture, but cute furniture?? Everything looks great!

Maryrose said...

I wish my mom was giving away furniture. Love the parsons chairs, they look great with your table. Also, what a great idea to put Nana's hutch on the patio, it looks perfect. What kind of curtains are you doing in the livingroom? That hutch looks good there, and what great storage.
I feel a shopping trip is in order to fill it.

Lauri said...

What a gold mine...I'm envious. It's amazing how a few new pieces can revive an entire house. As I was reading, I was thinking, "put the old hutch out on your patio" and sure enough, you did. I love having one outside.

Kelly said...

Score! I love the chairs and the hutch! And I love your patio furniture outside!

... glad you were able to get some 'Camp' shirts!