Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FIREWORKS for our 4th of July!!!

The day before the 4th, my Mom had been one night in her new house, and they were to be having a 4th of July parade and celebration on the lake. We were all excited to take part in it for the first time. We came with our red, white and blue on, and David had the boat all decked out for the parade, complete with streamers, flags and paper lanterns that lit up at night. We had bunting and flags, and every thing was so festive! We took a fun boat ride in the afternoon to see all the houses decorated. Here is a picture of Mom and I.
Here is Nana, with Glenda in the background.
The boat all decorated up for the parade.
Deanna and my Mom.
David and Greg preparing to BBQ.
The gazebo.
Nick reeling in a big catfish!
Greg tending to the steaks. You can see it is getting dark, and we are just about to eat. We were setting out the food, and Mom went upstairs to get Nana a sweater, when suddenly there was a lot of commotion, and I heard some yelling. I immediately feared that my Grandmother, Nana, had fallen. But when I reached the stairs, discovered it way my Mom! She had somehow fallen down the hardwood stairs to the landing, and was laying there, in a very awkward position, unable to move, and obviously hurt seriously. It was such a blur of activity, but my brothers David, Tim and I were with her on the landing, trying to determine the extent of her injuries. It was clear within minutes that there were broken bones involved, and that we could not move her. My brother called 911 and to her horror, she had to have the paramedics take her out on a flatboard, with most of her neighbors, that she had yet to meet, standing out side watching as they took her by ambulance to the hospital. I went with her, and another brother met us there. The rest stayed behind to be with Nana, and take care of things at home. She was in terrible pain, and they could not get her comfortable, not even with heavy duty narcotics, but after taking xrays, discovered her left leg was broken badly about 3 inches above the ankle, and her left shoulder was dislocated. They tried to get her comfortable with meds, but were not able to do so, and eventually, after what seemed like hours, sent us out of the room to reset her shoulder. Thankfully, it went back into place, and immediately relieved the horrible pain. However, now she was well aware of the pain from her broken leg! She was splinted for the leg, and they put a sling on for the shoulder, and sent her home, to follow up with orthopedic surgeon on Monday. So, since it was so late, she went home with my brother Mark, and then brother David brought her out to my house the next morning. She stayed here for a few days, and then we took her home to her new house on Monday after the doctor visit. Since then, we have been trying to get her moved in, and modify the den downstairs for her makeshift bedroom while she recuperates. Which, unfortunately, looks like about 3 months. It was bad enough, and she is disgusted and mad and down, but thank goodness it wasn't worse! The rest of the photos are from the following day after her accident, here at our house. She was here with us, but I didn't take any pictures of her in her wheelchair. She was not feeling too chipper. I will later. So, needless to say, our 4th was filled with fireworks alright, but not the kind we wanted. Hang in there Mom.....time will pass, and you will be good as new soon.
Uncle Dave and Clairy Berry.
Hannah Faith having her dippin' dots. Drew and Diana watching the fireworks.

Noah on Jeremy's shoulder, loving the fireworks. They all watched the Santana Fireworks from our back driveway.

Gamma and Noah with the bubbles.

Eri and Noah all ready for the fireworks display.

The end. I hope next year's celebration will be better with NO accidents!!!!!


deb said...

So very sorry about your mom and the fall, its just awful to be laid up for that long....I hope she doesnt get too depressed.
Hang in there!

Kristi said...

So sorry to hear about your Mom. That must be awful for her. At least you were able to enjoy some of the festivities.

On a happier note isn't it awesome that they moved the fireworks to Santana park? We had great seats too, right in the backyard!

Amy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mom too. Poor thing. Hopefully she recovers quickly.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG Kris that is just awful. I am so sorry that your mom took such a terrible fall. I'm hoping that she's feeling better soon. I know she'll be taken care of by Nurse Kris. I'll be thinking of you guys.

Anita Lasher said...

Hey Kris,
So sorry to hear about your mom and your fireworks. Boy, your fireworks were way better than ours. I hope your mom's recovery is speedy and tell her I hope she feels better soon. I am so sorry she fell. Your day looked like fun even though the fireworks were bigger than big. Love reading your blog. I wish I had more to say on mine so I have reduced it to once a month now.

Maryrose said...

Hi Kris,
Hope your mom is feeling better. Let me know what happens when they decide to cast.
Fireworks were great, we sat in the comfort of the backyard and watched will having dessert. Riley told me today she wants me have another party at my housssse.