Friday, July 10, 2009

Claire loves candy!

Hi, my name is Claire. Or Clairy Berry, that's what most people call me. Today I went to my Gamma's house. My Mommy bought Subway and Gamma and Mommy had lunch with me and my sister Hannah and cousin Noah out on Gamma's patio. I had applesauce, but that didn't quite do it for me. Gamma brought some licorice out and my Mommy let me taste it. YUM! I think there are lots more things that my people are holding out on me!!! Next I want to try some of those round sweet things. I think my sister calls them cookies!!
Who needs teeth? You just have to know how to gnaw!!
Whoa..this is some good stuff!!!!
There are my sister Hannah and cousin Noah. Silly kids, sitting in a pool with no water!
Look at Hannah. She is so pretty! When I grow up, I want to be just like her!


Sharon said...


Girl, are you blessed or what? Your grand babies are absolutely adorable. Especially love the photos of Claire eating the licorice. Too cute. Hope your mom is doing better and that you are taking care of yourself!

Genn said...

Those are such cute pics! Cute post from Claire's point of view too. Boy does Claire like licorice huh?

Katie said...

Claire is a doll baby!

Kelly said...

It looks like Cliare has a thing for licorice! I LOVE the last pic of Hannah!! SOOO beautiful!

Amy said...

Such cute pictures. I need to let Taylor try some licorice. Hannah does look so pretty in the last pic.