Sunday, July 12, 2009

Katie & Sean's Wedding

Yesterday my cousin Katie was married in her Dad's (my Uncle Johnny)backyard, here in Corona. It was 100 + degrees yesterday, but only 96 at 5:00 at night when the ceremony took place!!! They have a shady backyard, and the tables were tented, so it was okay. This first picture is of my Mom, brother Mark, myself and Nana. Someone said we were all sort of color coordinated. My little brother Tim is in the background in the white shirt. I guess I didn't get any pictures of him.
Left to right, my soon to be niece-Kaylen, Greg, brother Dave, Claire, Jake and Genny.
My nephew Donavon and his fiance Kaylen. They are next to go down the aisle...October 17th!!
My brother Mark with Clairey. She can't decide whether to pull that beard or not!!
Brother Mark showing Hannah the fish in the koi pond.
My Uncle Johnny dancing with his beautiful daughter, Katie.
Beautiful bride Katie with her handsome Captain, Sean!
The cake was done by a local bakery. Katie had asked me to do her cake, and I was excited to do so. But I have had such trouble with my foot, that I had to decline. And it turns out that was a good thing, since my Mom's accident, I have been busy helping her this past week too, so it was good that I wasn't doing it after all. It was pretty, and delicious!
My two nephews Tim and Joe (Mark's boys) with little Clairey Berry.
Katie dancing with her son Jonathon. I boo-hooed through the whole thing. It was a beautiful song by Celine Dion, and I am sure she must have written it for her son. It was so touching! Oh, hey...there is my little brother in the background again!
Guess who caught the bride's bouquet???? Why Nana of course!!!!
There's Gamma dancing with Gennifer and Clairey Berry.
Can you say "CONGA LINE?!!"

Clairey was out there shaking what her Mama gave her!!!
I got the biggest kick out of watching Hannah dance. She LOVED it!! Here she is getting tossed up in the air by her Daddy.
And here she is dancing with her little friend Chloe.
Here are Gennifer and Jake and Hannah and Claire.
And lastly, this is the almost finished picture that Katie was having done of the wedding party taking place. I had seen this lady at my daughter Erika's best friend's wedding back in April. I so loved the idea. I got her card and web site and told Katie about her. Katie loved it and she commisioned her to do their wedding. AND, she gave them 50% off for being in the military. She does a wonderful job. Her name is Karen, and we are going to have her do Erika and Jeremy's wedding too. In this painting, I am in the lower right hand corner of the picture, the one with the black camera strap around my neck! My Mom is in it, in the wheelchair, and Nana and Uncle Johnny and Sue, of course Katie and Sean is just a beautiful keepsake for a perfect day to remember.
It was a beautiful garden wedding! Thank you Katie for letting us share your special day!!! Much happiness to you both-always!
PS Erika and Jeremy and Noah couldn't come. Jeremy worked, and Noah was sick, and I guess Drew was hiding, because I didn't seem to get any photos of him either.


Kelly said...

Looks like a really fun wedding! You're family always knows how to have a good time! Great oics of the kiddos, too!

Genn said...

Good pics, it was a really fun time. That painting was so neat. Claire is in it too. She was being held by Glenda in the red dress in the far left. I wish I had that from my wedding. Katie looked so happy too.

Lauri said...

Looks like you've had an eventful week. Love the 4th of July pictures...too bad things went down hill (down stairs) from there. Hope your mom is doing better; I'm sure it will be a longer recovery than she'd like. The wedding looks like a great family event. You're so good at descriptively documenting events.

Kristi said...

Looks like a really fun wedding and very relaxing. You got some great pictures and I love that the artist got you in the painting with your camera, so funny!

The picture of the Hass family on the grass is darling, nice work picture taker!!

Maryrose said...

Looks like a fun time. Good family pics and those girls are getting so big. Claire always seems to be wearing such a big smile and Hannah is a little charmer. I love the Hass family on the grass too.

Sean said...

I love the pictures you posted Kristy!!! I'm so glad all of you came and had a good time, it was wonderful to have all of you there!!! I hope to see you guys again when we return from the "weddingmoon" as Jonathan would say ;)