Thursday, August 13, 2009

Visit from the Hass girls, and a visitor from outside!!

Gennifer and the girls stopped by today, bringing happy meals for both Noah and Hannah. But before we sat down to eat, I heard Gennifer let out a squeel, and much to our surprise, there on the kitchen floor, was a little baby lizard! Greg had just walked in and he immediately scooped it up and put it in a glass. I, of course ran the opposite direction, not because I was scared, but because I wanted my camera to BLOG it!! Here is Noah peering inside the glass at the reptilian creature up close and personal!
And Hannah, with finger to her face, much more reluctant to look for fear of it jumping, but curious enough to peek in over the top of the glass, while Geeps held it at a safe distance. Noah on the other hand tried to reach in and get it.
Lunching at the table in the kitchen.
Miss Hannah, ever so proud of herself to be potty trained!! And little Claire Berry showing off her new pearly whites!!!

And having nothing whatsoever to do with a visit from the Hass girls, or lizards in the house, Greg took this the other night when I cut into my first big watermelon! It was indeed, the sweetest, best tasting melon we have ever had!
Next summer I will plant a bigger plot! ( I think Drew is STILL growing! )


Katie said...

The watermelon looks so vibrantly RED!! YUM!! How wonderful that your garden produced such great treats your first crop!!

Genn said...

Cute pics. Those lizards! They are everywhere.

Kelly said...

You always seem to have lizards everywhere! And that watermelon looks GOOD!

Thanks for the tips on keeping the boys busy... GREAT ideas! I'm going out this weekend and getting them their own brushes & buckets & shaving cream!!

Maryrose said...

Hi Kris,
I absolutely loved the lizard post (not). Since I have lost so many of my kitty friends, I fear I may have a visitor like yours. If so you will be the first one I call to catch it... and I will be the one running for the camera.
Seriously, cute post, love the watermelon, and the girls and yes I think Drew is still growing. You look like a hobbit next to him ;) .. a very cute hobbit.

Kristi said...

That watermelon looks perfect! I can't believe my Mom even commented on that lizard!! I remember when I left my window open one day and I had two huge ones in my room. Gross!!!