Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Fabuloso" New Products

I have come across some new products recently that I love!!! First is a cleaning product and I use it for my floors. I used to always use lemon ammonia....and you can guess how that smells. Clean-yes, but hospital'ish. I picked this up at Target a few weeks ago, and bought several bottles because it was on sale. I LOVE it! It makes your house smell so clean, and it isn't a sterile smell, it is outdoor fresh, and it lasts. It really is "Fabuloso."
I had a coupon to try the new Bounce Bar for your dryer. LOVE it! It comes in a bar, sort of like a long bar of soap. You stick it to your dryer drum, and it lasts a couple months. The bar is soft, and as the clothes spin in and around the dryer drum, they brush up against the bar and it works just like the dryer sheets, but better.
I have a bone to pick with PEPSI! Triff, you listening? I am a Pepsi gal. I loved the Diet Pepsi Vanilla. Well, it is no longer available, and I am having withdrawals! I bought this sugar free vanilla syrup yesterday, meant for coffee, but now put it in my Diet Pepsi. Wow.....same flavor, and so easy. Just need to find a pump bottle to store it in. I noticed Greg put it in his coffee this morning. I may have an iced vanilla latte later today......
And THIS.....I have been looking for FOREVER! I wish I could remember whose blog I read this on, but it was a long time ago, and I can't remember, so my apologies to whomever that may have been. But this young gal mentioned how she found this KIX BERRY BERRY cereal, and it was like, in her words "HEROIN" and she had to go back and buy every box that Target had. Well, I love cereal. I like it for a snack, and sometimes even for dinner, if I am home alone for some reason and don't want to cook. It is comfort food to me. I Mom is shaking her head in shame and saying...."you weren't raised this way!" "Cereal is NOT a proper dinner." However...I don't a like sugary cereal. I like Crispix, Raisin Bran, Cheerios, etc. So, this seemed more a kids cereal to me, but I HAD to find it and see for myself just what was so good about it to make someone go buy every box in sight!!! I found it yesterday. It is good. It is sweet. Different. Did like it...even loved it...but not for breakfast. For a snacky dessertish type of a thing. But I know my grandkids will love it! Target seems to be the only place that carries it though.
And lastly, this is false advertisement, because I didn't have a box of the actual product that I am about to tout. My Mom told me of this product by clean your dishwasher. I believe my sister in law Monica actually told her about it. I finally found it, and it is by FINISH, and it is a product you clip into the inside of your dishwasher, and you run it on the hottest cycle possible, and then when the cycle is done....voila.....your dishwasher looks BRAND NEW!!! And if you have hard water like we do, it is really a dream product. I HIGHLY recommend you try it. I will use it monthly now to keep my dishwasher clean and running great.
So, there you have it. My must try products! Maybe I will start a new post trend.....maybe for Friday.....Friday Finds???? What do you think?


deb said...

I have used fabulosa for a long time because of the smell...when I had housekeepers that was what they used, and my house always smelled so good I asked them what they used......I LOVE it, and its cheap too!!!!!

Katie said...

Okay, here is the dumb question of the day.......What and Where is the Dryer Drum??? Now, your probably laughing at me b/c I don't know this, but I know where the Washing Machine Drum is, but on earth is the Dryer Drum. I know where to take the lent out of my dryer, but no drum. I would love to know, I love the smell of dryer sheets, but some how they always cling to the insides of pants, so this would be great! Please enlighten me on this???

Lauri said...

Gee, thanks for all of the product recommendations. I may have to make a trip to Target today.

Kris said...

The dryer drum (and maybe I am not using the right dryer term, I don't know?) is just the inside of the dryer, the whole piece that spins around so the clothes tumble. The instructions say to place on inside of dryer drum, but not the fin...another term for you, which is the piece that sticks out towards the inside of the dryer, you know, that piece that always seems to harbor that one sock you can't find. Hope this makes sense.

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, you will never know how timely this tip was about the dishwasher. My dishwasher has not been running right for a few weeks now and Mon. I finally had a guy out who said, "Lady, you've got to clean the inside of your dishwasher once in a while for hard water deposits." I felt like a complete dork as I had no idea it was necessary....(now everyone will know I am a dork)...I was just basically doing my dishes by hand. However, he told me to get a product that I couldn't find anywhere!! So now I will have to speed out (not that I really "speed" anywhere with these knees) and get this product. I'm actually excited...And as for the Fabulosa, I have had a cleaning woman for several years (she only comes twice a month and I do it in between) and she made me buy the stuff a while ago. She swears by it, and it does have a wonderful smell. This was a great post and I like the idea of Friday finds!!

Katie said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I thought there was some secret compartment thingy that I had never discovered!! ;)
Thank you for clarifying ;)

Amy said...

I like your Friday Finds. I would love to hear about them. I really want to buy the cereal for sure. I already buy fabuloso, my mom loves that stuff and she told me about it. So with the bounce, do you not put the sheets in then?

Kris said...

You are not supposed to need sheets too. But I may still toss one in now and then. I love the smell of fresh laundry, either Bounce or Downey.

Janene said...

I love love love this post!
I am always looking for new and useful items to make my home cleaner and my life easier!
Friday Finds sounds like a great post title!
I will be anticipating more!
Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

yes, I like 'friday finds'! do it, please!

i'm definitely going to try the floor cleaner and the dishwasher cleaner.

the vanilla stuff sounds good, but i hate any vanilla flavored drink.

looking forward to more friday finds!