Friday, September 18, 2009

Un BEE lievable!!!!!

Bob The Bee Whisperer came last night to remove our bee hive. He wanted to come after dark, because he says the bees are less active at night. He arrived wearing shorts, carrying a teeny tiny 9V light, and appearing quite calm. I don't know what I expected. Maybe I was thinking full "ghost busters" gear or something like that. We walked him back to the grove where the bees were hunkered down inside a wood duck box. He lit his smoker, waved it in front of the box like the good fairy waves her magic wand, and then, just like magic, the bees retreated inside the box, and Bob simply picked them up like a docile puppy and walked them to his truck!
There he goes, bees and hive, with Greg following closely (too closely) behind! Yep, that's a head lamp on his head, and the smoker in his hand, just in case the bees got testy.
Here is a shot taken from the top of the box, looking inside the lid where they were bursting at the seams with hives and honey.
They were busy, busy....just oblivious to the fact that they were being removed from their home.
Bob The Bee man had no fear. He claimed that these bees were not the nicest or calmest he had ever dealt with, but he seemed fearless nonetheless, to me!
I mean, who in their right mind, puts their entire arm inside an active bee hive???
Bob The Bee man does!
You can see where the top of the box is saturated through with the honey.
This is the box leaning up against his truck. Ken, if you are reading this, I didn't get a nesting wood duck, but I did get another type of nest. He is returning the box so we can take it to the lake where my Mom lives and place it there near the water to hopefully get a pair of nesting wood ducks.
Bye bye Bob The Bee man. Thanks for the un BEE lievable experience!


Katie said...

That is Amazing!!!! He had bees all over his fingers!!! WOW
What is he going to do with them now?

Kristi said...

Hahah, awe, bee people. Is that the same guy my Mom and Dad used? Bee people are funny, I get the ickies looking at that pic of him with the bees on his hand. Uhhhh, yeah right. The guy that came to get rid of my Mom's brought a bee movie with him so that we could learn more about bees.

He should have gotten you some of that honey, and I love Greg's head lamp!!

Kris said...

He apparently has many hives in some avocado grove in Riverside. He makes his living by coming to rescue hives from people, and he keeps them to make honey, and also takes them to nut orchards where they are used to pollinate their crops for a much bigger yield.
Kristi...yes, he is one in the same, Bob The Bee Man that your parents used. I gave hime this name, I think it suits him.

Kelly said...

Eeeww... and eeeek!

what a job! brave man!

Debbie said...

WOW....EEEWWW....How scary and yet totally interesting...I think you should have got some of the honey too....

Rebecca P said...

That is so creepy. Glad there are bee keepers around to help us out. I love honey but not bees.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh. I was wondering the same what? I read your response though. He's a brave guy. I do love the head lamp too!

Katie said...

well yum, avocados and honey in the same grove in Riverside, certainly sounds like a delicious way to make a living!