Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally MONDAY!!!

Dancing With The Stars starts today!!!!!! I LOVE that show! I live for that show!!! I cannot wait for tonight......I will be all jammied up, comfy and cozy, ready to settle in, right in front of the telly for the big kick off!!! Actually, tonight, tomorrow night, and Wednesday night.....I AM BUSY!!!
My daughter Gennifer posted a lot of our family photos on her blog, but I didn't upload mine to my computer, so I am posting them this way....sorry. I bought several frames last week, and put them in collages, and in frames all throughout the house. We were SO thrilled with these pictures! This one of the grandkids is in our bedroom. Love it. The top photo, is also in our room.
This is a HUGE collage, and I hung it in the entry way. But what I love most about it, is where it is hung. It is the first thing you see coming down the hallway from any of the bedrooms. It is just priceless, and I can't walk past it without pausing to look at each photo.

And this collage is atop the big red chest in the family room. LOVE, love, love it!

Before we finished the photos, Anna asked if there were any other photos we might want her to take. I said, well yes, I have always wanted to carve something into the sand and do a photo. So I took a mussel shell and carved a big heart into the sand and wrote 30th in side. My very favorite photos of us are the ones she took that were unposed sitting by that heart.
Happy Monday!


Kristi said...

Those pictures turned out so great. I would love to do something like that with our family. We talk about it all the time, but we can never get everyone together for it. I love all of your collages, they turned out so good. You have such an attractive family!

Kelly said...

i love these pics! cant wait for her to take ours on the 3rd!

and i also love DWTS! yay! cant wait!

Katie said...

oh how precious, i love ALL the photos!!!! i really LOVE that Red sideboard table too ;)

Lauri said...

That really is a huge collage by your front door. I love it. Your pictures are fantastic. I can see why you're so happy with them all.

And I too am anxiously awaiting dancing with the favorite!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness...these are soo good. How wonderous for you. I want to have that done for all my kids and grandkids too. It will be 35 years married this year so I think that would be a good time huh? I LOVE the one with the heart in the sand too. It is just a stun...enjoy them, I sure would.

Genn said...

Mom those all look great! I might have to copy you and do one like that big collage you have in the hallway. I've only ordered a couple pics, but I have to hang more.

Fun post.

Anita Lasher said...

I love the picture too! It is so creative. I tried that one Christmas but it did not go so well!
XO Anita

Kelly said...

Now i have to choose what restaurant jason and i will go to for a daye... out of the 3 you mentioned, give me your favorite. i love tri-tip, i love pasta, i love great ambiance... so which is it? and the burger joint we'll hit up for sure for lunch. thanks for the advice!

Kris said...

You can take the whole family to the burger place. Try the sweet potato fries!! The Peppercorn is probably more fancy, and caters more to an older crowd. I think you and Jason would really LOVE B's BBQ!!!! Look for Glenn in the bar. He is the tender, and he is a hoot. Tell him you were sent by friends and ask for The Sexy Susan!!!!

Kelly said...

sounds great!! we'll definitely go the burger place and date night will be at B's BBQ. Thanks!!!