Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seal of Approval

Noah and Erika stopped over today for a little while. Noah gave the little desk his seal of approval. After he wrote on the chalkboard for awhile, he then colored at the desk top, and then settled in for some lunch in front of the telly to watch Ice Age.
The only problem will be when all the kids are here at the same time, as they often are, and then he and Hannah will have to share time at the single seat desk. Hope that goes okay.
I got this thick weave basket the other day too. The harvest placemat is from Sur la Table from last year. I love it.
Uh oh....who put those chocolate chip cookies there!!!?????


Katie said...

love that cute desk, where did you get it? Love the Movie Ice Age too & Chocolate Chip Cookies, those kids might have another to compete with over all that good stuff!

Debbie said...

My grandkids are totally into Ice Age as well. Watch it every time they are here. In fact the 3 year old's birthday party was all about Ice Age...I like the basket and harvest placemat..good idea...I'll try not to look at the yummy cookies. Not on my menu for a while yet unfornately...sharing the desk might be an issue for a while I am'll have to put your thinking cap on to come up with a way for that to work...I'll watch to see what happens, I've MANY things mine don't want to share, haha always looking for a new idea of two on that subject.

Kristi said...

First of all, that desk is so awesome! You did such an amazing job refinishing it, I know Riley would love something like that!

Second of all, are there any cookies left? Can I come over?

Genn said...

First off, the cookies were AMAZING! We ate all that you brought over!!

Second, I can't wait to see this darling desk. You are amazing. You did a great job refinishing that. It is adorable. You know you better start looking for another one!!!!