Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Hass Girls

Jake hung Claire's curtain yesterday. I love how they look in her room. Below is an ottoman that Gennifer bought for Claire's room a while ago, and look how well that goes with the fabrics we selected for her valance! Gennifer will be mad that I am posting pics before her room was completely put away, but I just couldn't resist. Besides....kids rooms should have a little disarray.
Hannah was excited to show me her new Dora blanket she got for her trip to Idaho that is coming up this week.
These are the curtains I made for Hannah almost a year ago! They are so simple, but so pretty for her room. They are a soft shimmery sheer fabric, with polka dots and swirls. You need to double click to get the real feel for them. Yesterday when I was there, the windows were open allowing the cool breeze in. And the curtains danced with every little puff of wind. These girls have the prettiest bedrooms! Each one done entirely differently, and perfect for each of their personalities.
Look at me Gamma!!!

Hey, what is this? A new toy? A teething ring?
Whoa, I like it! Nice solid leather on the bottom, with laces on the top....Cool!!!
I am going to miss my girls when they are away this week!


Maryrose said...

The girls rooms look fantastic. I love that ottoman and your curtains are so so cute. Colors are terrific. Boy, those girls are getting so big...how did that happen? Hope to see you soon.

Kristi said...

Love both of the girl's rooms, the curtains are so cute! It's so fun to decorate little girl's rooms and Genn has done a great job with both! Everything is darling!

Katie said...

darling rooms!!!! lucky girls to have such a sweet grandma to make them beautiful curtains!!

Genn said...

Thanks again for Claire's curtains! AND Hannah's! They are so cute.

Debbie said...

I really do just love those curtains. In both of their rooms...Genn has done a really good job of fixing them up. I really can "feel" your heart for your grandkids and can soo totally identify. They really are something. How blessed we are...

Anita Lasher said...

I love your curtains and love your girls. You have so many happy memories and times which you are creating for them.

Kelly said...

lucky girls to have a gramma that sews! i love claires curtains! love, love! great pics!