Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend in the pines and Estate Sales!

Greg and I went up to the mountains this weekend to do a little fishing. Still haven't caught that big Rainbow Trout that Greg is after, but we did have a very nice and relaxing time just spent on the water. While Greg trolled, I caught up on my reading and napping. It was a perfect 75 degrees, and on the water cool enough to need a sweatshirt. What a nice change from our triple digits in Corona! Sunday I walked a couple doors down to an estate sale. The cabin had sold and they were selling the enitre contents. SURE wish I had gone over the day before. But I sitll managed to find a few goodies. Above are a couple holiday cookbooks, and a holiday cookie stamp.
The pink and blue quilt was my big ticket item at 6 dollars! I already washed it up and I spread it on Drew's bed just to show it. I think I will use it to have a tea party on the grass with Hannah and Claire and all of the tea cups I bought.
I paid 1 dollar for each tea cup and saucer set! Unheard of!!!!
This was such a pretty hand painted fall dish. For a quarter, I had to have it!
I wish I had bought all of these cookie stamps. I just bought the one holiday gingerbread boy.
I bought all of the heavy iron stars she had. LOVE these!!!
Books galore...this one was a childrens book, and the inscription on the inside said Dec. 25, 1880.
This was a hand written ledger from a Georgia farmer. VERY interesting diary.
This is an old book, dated to 1900, and I found the tag on the inside from Harrods in London, for 25 pounds. I paid a quarter. Scattered on the quilt are old postcards of Big Bear at the turn of the century. Several other books, and not pictured is a shelving unit we bought for the cabin. It fit perfectly back on the service porch to store extra items like paper towels and such.
Back to the back of the quilt there is a quilt rack. Another high ticket item-----5 dollars.
And lastly, I bought these two animated reindeer for Christmas. In the box were two holiday door mats, and also a Christmas pine arrangement, and two holiday stuffed fishing guys. A good weekend in Big Bear!


Lauri said...

I have always wanted to go to an Estate Sale. I think you may have convinced me.

Lisa said...

You wracked up at that sale! Old books, tea cups and quilts...some of my favorite things. :-)

Genn said...

Wish I was there! You got some great things. I love thoe stars, and the old books are so neat. Tea cups...what a great buy! Did you have a shopping cart for all of your items? Can I have the quilt rack? hee hee

Katie said...

Well my Goodness, you got a ton of great deals!!!!! I'm in awe over you paying $1 Buck for the tea cups w/saucers....WOW!!! And that quilt, $6 bucks!!!!! That's less than the tax you would have paid on a Cheap Quilt!!! Let's just call you Bargain Kris!!!!! Love all them goodies!

Kristi said...

Wow, you found some great things! Love all the tea cups, that would be so fun to have a tea party with the girls! We did that when Stace was here and they loved it. You are quite the bargain shopper! Love those old books too, really cool.

Maryrose said...

Kris... good shopper. You found some great treasures. I love the stars and those books are charming. What a nice way to spend the weekend.. in your slice of paradise.

Debbie said... really did get some finds..the quilt and the quilt rack are quite the steal, and the old books also really neat...and I LOVE cup and saucers. I have a small little collection of those.. I didn't even think of those till just now Maryrose. They would make a great tablescape...

Janene said...

Estate Sales are the BEST!!!
That quilt takes my breath away!
And anything that is historical makes my mouth water.
So now I can't breathe and my mouth is what should I do?
Go thrifting...of course!
Have a great day!

deb said...

wow you hit the jackpot, LOVE the tea cups, and what a deal on the quilt.....congrats!

Kelly said...

great finds! i'm all about yard sales now!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

YOU SCORED!!!!!!!!