Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving At Gennifer and Jake's House

 Me and my girls getting the food ready.  Polly did all the cooking, and it was great!!!  Better than Marie's last year.  We may never cook a holiday meal again.  In fact, in this morning's paper we saw the ad for Wood Ranch's holiday meal.  I think we may get that for Christmas!!!!!
Photo below is Greg and Drew and Erika, Hannah and Claire waiting for dinner.  Noah had to go to "the others" for Thanksgiving, and we sure did miss him.  It was not a good day for Erika.  I hate blogger!  I can't put space between my photos with this new upgrade, so  I have to do commentary all in this one space.  So..beginning with photo number 3, Gennifer set a beautiful table......#4-Our hostess with the mostess...#5-Hannah loved clinking the glasses to say "cheers" and everyone got a "cheers" as she went around the table to each one of us....#6-Erika felt the need to tie one on!!!....#7-The sisters.....#8-Mmmmm, Hannah says this is the best whip cream ever, and the pumpkin pie isn't half bad either!....#9- Claire Bear just looking cute!!!....#10- Hannah invited Daddy down to the floor where she had spread her blankie out in front of the fire, and asked him to play her a game of Dora Dominoes before bedtime.  How cute is that!!! And we all participated in a rousing game of Toy Story Memory before she went up to bed.  Claire missed out, she was already in dreamland.   It was a perfect and relaxing Thanksgiving Day. Thank you Gennifer and Jake!!!!


Lauri said...

Looks like a great day. You and your daughters look like you sure enjoy one another. And I love the last picture of Jake and Hannah. He seems like such a great hands-on dad.

Debbie said...

Looks like a wonderful day. I love your pics. The one of you and your girls is sooo good. I was telling Genn that you look sooo good in it, and you really do. Soo young...the table was lovely as well. Good memories for you all.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Kris your family is sooo cute. Love the photo of you and the girls.
I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

Kelly said...

another good time with the grovers and hass' or hasses? how do you write hass plural?? lol

Kristi said...

Looks like a fun day!! Nice and relaxing is always fun and you had a lovely table to dine at!

Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving!

Maryrose said...

You and your daughter are already decked. Yikes.
Thanksgiving looked like a great time. Nice to not have to cook for a change, it makes for such a relaxing day and still so festive. Genn's table looked so pretty and I loved her placecards. I also loved the pic of you and your girls in the kitchen. Now back to work for me.