Monday, December 28, 2009


 These were taken just before Drew and Diana left for The Wire.  He didn't want me to take pictures, but I insisted.  And Diana coaxed him a bit too.

As parents, we get to experience many joys.  Watching our kids grow up, helping them along the way, picking them up when they fall, and supporting them through their interests and activities.  And some of those "proud" parent moments, are ours and ours alone to savor and enjoy.  We have three kids, and they have all made us proud.  Last night was one of those "WOW" moments for Greg and I.   Our son Drew is a talented and self taught musician.  He has written many of his own songs, and has played in public a few times.  He has played at our church, and he had a weekend gig at a local coffee house a couple summers ago.  His music was heard on his MYSPACE page by the owner of a club in Upland.  He was invited to play a 30 minute set, and he was thrilled!  He has been working on his playlist for weeks, and was anxiously waiting for last night, December 27th, to play onstage......... live at The Wire.  He was very nervous yesterday.  He was here with his girlfriend Diana, practicing and going through his set to prepare.  They left early for sound check, and we weren't far behind.  I didn't know what to expect.  But it was truly something magical for us.  The venue was in downtown Upland, where fifty year old shops were nestled side by side, along a beautifully decorated street for the holidays.  Being Sunday night, the shops were closed, except for the restaurants, but the lights were all on, and the scene was like something out of a holiday movie.  Being anxious parents, we were there too early, and we walked the charming tree lined street for 20 minutes or so before Drew came out to greet us.   Then we were able to go inside the club and take a look around.  I got to take photos before anyone else arrived.   This was on the front of the big red door that greeted us.

Can you tell his Mom and sister were just a little bit thrilled?
We spent some time walking up and down the street waiting to go inside.  The one above of Greg and Gennifer was dark, but the street lamps were so pretty I was hoping to show some of that.  I took the photo below from across the street.  The Wire is the one with the red door.  You can sort of get a feel for how pretty and quaint this street is.

At the intersection of the street, there was a beautiful gazebo, all lit up and decorated for Christmas.  The above photos are of us milling around outside before the show.  Shots of Drew's and Diana's friends, and Diana's sister Alicia. The place was small in stature, but big on character!  It had an urban feel, with high exposed ceilings, that revealed the piping and  cable wires.  It had polished hardwood flooring as you entered into the long hallway leading to the music room. With exposed brick walls, and painted in all black, red and grey.  The stage was elevated and small, The area where we stood to watch had polished concrete floors.   There were bright circular lights in bold neon colors above the stage,  There were no seats, as is common in smaller venues, but it had a warm and inviting feel to it.  Standing didn't seem uncomfortable at all.   Walking in, this is what I saw.

The sound room, also neat and tidy, as were the restrooms, being some of the cleanest public restrooms I have ever seen!

And now it's SHOWTIME!

I walked to the back of the room to take a couple pictures from another perspective.

And then after the show, he got to come talk to his family and friends and thank them for coming out. meant so much to him that you came!!!!!!!!!!!!   Diana's folks came, and some of their family friends drove out all the way from Temecula.  And several of Drew's buddies and Diana's sister, too.  Erika couldn't make it this time, but hopefully the next show will be at a better time. Two days after Christmas and lots of people were away that would have been there.

And I saved the best one for last.  I just LOVE this picture.   I love the way Drew is in the background, and the poster is in the foreground.  Love it!!!!

This was an evening I will never forget. We were bursting with pride for Drew!!!   I don't think he will ever forget it either.  He performed so well.  The response was all great.  I can't wait for the next show!!!  Congratulations son!


Lauri said...

I can feel you beaming clear over here in Arizona. What a great evening for Drew and the family. You are certainly entitled to be a proud mamma.

Downtown Upland has so much ambiance...I love milling around the shops. I can only imagine how quaint it is at Christmas time.

Katie said...

That is so Awesome! I listened to some of his songs on his page and he sounds fantastic, an alternative version of Jack Johnson I thought. Such a soothing voice, I tried to download his songs to my ipod, but just couldn't figure it out.
How exciting, way to go Drew!!!

Debbie said...

Oh how exciting Kris!! You have every right to be proud. I know just what you mean about one of those "proud" parent moments. I wish I had known about it as we could have easily have come by. I listened to his music on myspace (or was it facebook?) and he is really very good. Downtown Upland is about 5 min. (if that) away from us. I LOVE that little town and have shopped there often. Many quaint and cute little shops. Lots of antiques too. I love it at Christmas time. They have a theater over there called the Grove which Melody performed in a few times. Sooo much fun. Anyway, congratualtions to Drew. How very fun for you all.

Kristi said...

This is so awesome! Congratulations to Drew, that is just great! I still haven't listened to his music, my speakers are blown. I would love to see him in person. That is just so awesome, have I said that yet? So cool. Way to go Drew!!!! Let us know when the next show is!!!

Katie said...

What a great description of the night. You have a talented son. Glad the night was a success.

Genn said...

That was a fun post to read. I was getting so excited for Drew all over again. He really blew me away. I have heard many of those songs he sang before, but to hear them in an environment like that and to see him on stage was so fun. He was awesome!!

Cathy said...

That feeling of being so proud of our kids we want to burst at the seams is just about the best thing ever. What an exciting night for you all.

Amy said...

That is so neat!

I still have your recipe for the gorilla bread from last year :) Thanks!

I got the more pastel colors in the chalk board markers. I loved the pink in there and I used a coupon too. Now I need a cute chalkboard for my house. I had bought them for a litle shopping cart Taylor got that had a little chalk board for her name.

Kris said...

I have chalkboards all over the house. I have a cute one from Sur la table I keep in the kitchen and make fun signs for that. And I have that big double sided easel type one that I made the Santa on. And I bought wooden ovals at Dollar Tree, and painted them with chalkboard pain, and ran ribbon through the eyes on top to make signs for different things. I keep one on my front doorbell when I don't want the bell rung when Noah is sleeping. I put them on my big drink dispenser for parties to say what is inside...i.e....lemonade, or iced tea, or sangria....
and I made a bunch of them that were heart shaped, and I chalked a message and left them on all my kids doors....etc. just fun. I have three packs of the colors.

Kelly said...

Next show... I'll be there! It all looks amazing, and I listened to the last song he wrote that Genny posted about... and loved it! so did Jason. He is SO talented!

Anita Lasher said...

What a great experience for you guys. Congratulations to DREW! Where can I buy upcoming tickets..... Do you have an IN?
Happy New Year

Tawny said...

That is so cool! What a proud momma you must be! I heard one of his songs on Genn's blog and it was wonderful! What a talented boy!

Maryrose said...

Hi Kris,
Congrats to Drew...that is awesome and I can't wait for another performance so Kevin and I can go and hear him. I would have loved to go to this last one, but I still had a house full. He is so talented and will go very far. You should indeed be a proud mama.
See you tomorrow
Love, Me

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

(h now I have goosebumps! How cool was that!! I can only imagine your exceitment and pride. What a wonderful thing to have been able to share with your son!

Enjoy your dinner party tonight and have a very Happy New year!!

warm hugs, Linda

PS when are you going to add the followers gadget so we can more easily keep track of your updates?

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OH MY Kris. I can just imagine how excited you were and proud. That is amazing that he self taught himself. I hope it career goes on forever and gets better and better!!!
I've got to tell you I'm lovin that photo of you in the gazebo. And I know how disappointed you must have been to see that sign........NO MOSH PIT!!! lololol
Congratulations Drew!!!