Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Batten Down The Hatches And Stay Inside If You Can!!!!

Southern California is ill prepared for torrential rain.  We seldom get rain at all, and when we do, it is light and fleeting!  So, with the rainfall we are having now, we are just getting hammered.  Roads are flooded, roofs have collapsed, mudslides in recent burn areas, and here in my town, a mess everywhere!  At my house, a lot of water, with no where to go, and a flooded garage, a muddy pool, and windows that have rolled up towels underneath because of the leaking.  Thankfully, there is no apparent leak in the roof.  Which is always our fear with rain.  We are getting ready to replace our roof, and luckily it is still keeping the rain out.  Here are a few pics.  This one was taken from my kitchen window, where the water is sheeting down the INSIDE of the window.  Nice!  New windows are also on the list of home improvements BTW.

This was taken standing at the front door.

Looking out the back family room doors.

Can you see where the dirty water is in the pool?  That is where the mud was coming in.  The pool is a lovely shade of brown now.

Looking out the laundry room window towards the backyard (lake) and orange grove.

And last, this is what is on the stove smelling yummy.

This was before I sauteed the mushrooms in butter and cabernet wine. That last punch of flavor makes this beef barley soup unbeatable!!!!
My daughter Gennifer, over at
has posted a most read worthy bit on her blog today.  It is something we should all read, and all do!!!  Please go pay her a quick visit for this life saving post.
That's it from RAINY So. Cal today.


Genn said...

I took similar pictures from all views of my house too during this torrential rain storm. I can't believe that just a couple hours past the sun is now shining!

Thanks for the shout out too. :)

Kristi said...

Can you believe this rain?? My Dad said something of a tornado over near Newport Beach or some craziness like that. Great pictures of the rain, I didn't think to do that!

I read that story over on Gennifer's blog, that is too sad for words. I won't be using the phone in my car anymore. That's for sure.

Mmmm, it looks like soup weather!! Your's looks delish as always, I think I might make some of that soon. Tim's favorite!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh man - that is awful!! I hope everyone is safe!!

I read your daughters post - I watched that episode too and posted on Facebook about it while it was on. My DIL textes while driving all the time - with Lili in the back. It worries me to death!!

Kelly said...

the rain is going to continue off and on for the next week i hear. my dad forwarded me an email from the military he recieved yesterday. (he works for the government side of boeing). it said we will have record amounts of rain and disaster. using the word 'biblical'. hopefully it won't be too bad.

Tawny said...

Nuts, the rain was NUTS today! I hear that it's supposed to be worse on Thursday! The only thing that makes it more nuts are the parents that send their kids to school WITHOUT jackets and then the kids proceed to PLAY in the rain! NUTS!

Katie said...

Well, as I am sorry to hear that it's coming down with such mass amounts, I do however hope that ya'll keep it down there. It hasn't rained IN TWO whole days up here!!

Debbie said...

Soggy out here in Upland too and more coming!! Your right, we just aren't equipped for this. Genn's blog was GREAT...

Lauri said...

And we're a day or two behind you. It's just starting today and will rain through the weekend. I wish I was going to be home, sitting by the fireplace and reading a book.

Tyler said...

That soup looks very hearty!

Pam said...

It has been rainy, windy and cold here too - perfect soup weather. Your beef & barley soup looks tasty.