Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainy Day Schedule

Yesterday while there was a bit of a lull in the down pour, I ran out to take some pictures of the muddy pool.

This is after it had cleared some too.  You can barely see the steps there in the shallow end.  This next picture I just thought was kind of pretty with the reflection of the trees in the water...murky water and all.

Remember the white wool coat?  Here it is all taken apart and ready to go into the hot water to be felted.

Not a single piece of this coat was wasted. 

The herringbone wool is from a men's blazer I took apart and felted last night. 
Those pieces hanging from the laundry room doorway are the largest pieces.  They are a good 36" long each. Then also the stack on the dryer.  It is a very good quality wool.  Nice and thick and now after the felting, nice and soft too.
When I see pics from my laundry room or den, I cringe.  I want NO wallpaper in my house!!  Those two rooms are the only ones left in my house with wallpaper on the walls.  I can't take it off until I find someone who can retexture the walls in there. When we had our copper pipe redo, they had to knock holes in all the walls to access the pipes.  The laundry room and kitchen had a wallpaper on it when we moved here, where they used blank stock on the textured walls before applying the wallpaper to make a completely smooth wall surface.  Taking that blank stock off the walls was not only a bear, but it left the walls smooth, without any texture at all. I had the kitchen retextured, but I wasn't pleased with the results, but I haven't had the other two rooms done yet.  That is on the list of the things to do in 2010.

This was my first attempt at doing my own chenille.  I can't even remember the process exactly now, but I love the result.  I wound up putting it on a little piece of muslin and quilted around it for a small door hanging for Valentine's Day.  Joni, this picture is for you.  Remember we were talking about doing chenille at Road show?

I need to stop baking!  It isn't good for a Weight Watcher!  But I love my little glass dome cake stands so much better with goodies under the dome!!
And yes,, those are my leftover Halloween cupcake cases.
And last one for today....Ducey has taken up his place in the living room to watch the rain fall.  It is rainy day schedule after all.


Maryrose said...

OMG are those my favorite muffins in that cute covered cake stand????? Be still my heart.

Your pool is really getting the brunt of this storm but on the bright side it is good quilting weather. It looks like you are keeping busy with some fun projects.
What time shall I stop by for coffee and muffins?
Stay dry.

Kris said...

Come any time Maryrose. I called you this a.m. to see if you were going to WW. Your mom said you were getting your hair done.

deb said...

WOW, you got a ton of wool out of that coat......I see a wool snowman quilt or runner in your future...lololol....thats a great color just as it is, I cannot wait to see it all dyed....we have a pool at our rental house and its so overflowing...right into the neighbors backyard:(

Kristi said...

So, I'm in love with your cake domes. Officially jealous over here. For two reasons, I don't have those cake domes, and I don't have the yummy muffins that are under them. Humph.

Love your V-day door hanging, it's so pretty!!

Like that reflection picture of the pool. Dirt and all!!

Genn said...

How are you going to get that mud out of the pool?

Muffins look nice. I might be by later.

Debbie said...

I'm with everyone else, I LOVE the covered glass container, and the muffins look GREAT...Yum...for some reason all this cold weather makes me want to eat and eat making this dumb diet really hard and annoying...SIGH...looks like you got lots of wool out of that coat. Your poor pool...

Amy said...

Your poor pool! Gage, my little dog, would love Ducey! He likes big dogs and Ducey looks like a teddy bear...he's so cute!!

Lauri said...

I had to re-read your post to see that those were left over cupcake papers, not left over cupcakes(hehe). I'm so excited to see the project you come up with using the felted wool.

Pam said...

I am looking forward to see what you make with the wool.

I can't believe how much rain you are getting! Your dog is so cute & looks mighty comfy.

Kelly said...

Our pool looks just like yours! But maybe more like a swamp! Ducey looks cute relaxing on the chair. I've been catching Bella on my chair, but she knows she's not allowed on it! Can't wait to see your finished product with the wool coat!

Erika said...

Mom thanks for the muffin this morning it was so good with my morning coffee!!

On the contrae to your friend Pam...don't be fooled Ducey is a smelly nucense! ha ha No but really he is...he lickes your feet breathes in your face & I think tries to trip you when you walk.