Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day Two At Sea......And What Was Lost?

Ahhhhh. Our first full day at sea, and the sun is shining bright, with only a tiny bit of rocking, and the fun continues......
Setting out 19 towels on chaise lounges in premium spots by the pool, is no easy task, I assure you, but we somehow managed to all stay in the same general area.  That's my brother Dave....the one waving, he is sitting between our Mom, and his wife Glenda, with my sister in law Monica in the blue and then Santa Claus, er, my brother Mark with the white beard on the right.  And hiding in the back sitting at a table is Greg.  Looking tense, aren't they?

The sun rising up over the ocean was a beautiful sight.  I went to the top deck to check out the view and see the exercise track.  I had intended to actually set my sneakers ON the track and actually use them, but alas, the smell of fresh baked pastries and hot coffee beckoned and I squeezed out any thoughts of "journaling" my caloric intake, and erased any images of Weight Watchers, and what I knew I was supposed to be eating, and trotted (yes, I did take stairs and no elevators the whole trip!) down to the Lido Deck to energize myself for the day of fun ahead.

I trotted up to the Lido Deck for pastry and coffee, then over to my chaise lounger in the sun to savour my pre breakfast.....Then, little while later, trotted on down to the dining room for a proper breakfast  After that, trotted to our room to change back to my suit and cover up, gathering up reading material, (all of which stayed in bottom of beach bag untouched) then trotted back to pool deck, settle in, summons cocktail waitress over, cuz...hey, it's 5:00 somewhere......order coconut and fruity concoction served in coconut monkey/bank, with straw and umbrella.  Place umbrella behind ear, sigh, and lie back sipping coconut concoction with smile on face!!!

Sree tooty,focktail rumcoctions later.................being a, not much of a drinker kind of gal, I suddenly found myself up on the dance floor with my niece shaking what my Mama gave the island beat of reggae music, right there in the middle of the Lido Deck for all to laugh at see me.  Someone  picked up my camera and clicked away.......Hmmmmm, just remember that there is much more trip ahead, and I will be behind the lens this whoever took my camera!!!

WOO-HOO!!!!There's Chad and Deanna, getting DOWN  to the music!!!!
All that dancing makes a girl thirsty!!!!   Deanna's was a virgin, but I heard that there were two kinds of rum and various other dangerous ingredients in mine!!!!!   Just sayin'!

Mom wasn't dancing!  No siree!!  Not on that still healing leg of hers.......but she was thirsty!!!  Shllllluuurp!And she did make friends with the head singer of the band!!!!!!!
All this, and it isn't noon yet!!!  But as soon as we could smell the grilled burgers......we were on it!

Donavon stood in line for his burger and fries, and Kaylen couldn't resist having one teeny, tiny, little bite!!!!!!  The Newlyweds!!
Then.......some time after lunch, that's when it started happening.   Memories were lost.  People were MIA.  And at the end of the day, the count for lost articles of clothing and personal belongings, had hit a number in excess of 15!!  And that is just from the folks who could recall!

Poker games broke out.  Singing (LOUD) was heard from all across the Lido Deck, and no, not by the band.

Water balloon fights, slide demonstrations, puppet shows.  Do you see a pattern developing?  And who is in MOST of these photos?
And happened.   Lengthy "naps" were taken.   Some people (CHAD) went missing for several hours!  And others...not naming names, (MATT) were asked by Carnival Cruise Ship personnel to kindly vacate the Lido Deck and sleep it off, uh...take a nap in your room!!  At which time it became apparent that assistance would be needed!!!!  "DEANNA....HELP!!"

These two innocent looking faces (JOHN & SUE) were also missing for several hours this day.  Along with one large bottle of Vodka!!!   Hmmmmm?

Yeah, they're smiling here.......but the next time we saw them....not so much!!!

As the day wore on, some were pacing themselves better than others....where you ask?  At the piano bar where Chad befriended the bedazzled piano player, some 50 years his senior.  WHY, oh WHY didn't I get a picture of her?????
And before we knew it, the sun was setting over the Pacific.

Aunt Kristy ok'd a tattoo for niece Deanna, while her Dad, my brother Tim, was MIA.....
Oops...he's baaaack!!!

"WHAT THE.......#*&$#@!~"  Oh not to worry little brother, it is just an air brush, and will wash away in a few days.

So, the sun has set on day two of our Carnival Fun Cruise, and the count for the items lost and/or missing for today is as follows:
1 pair of expensive tennis shoes..size 11.5
2 pairs of Rainbow Flip Flops, one size 11.5, and one size 14
4 Cruise ship issued deluxe beach towels, at a charge of 12 dollars per towel lost
2 pairs of True Religion men's jeans, valued at over 300.00 !! ( uh oh )
2 name brand mens T shirts...size XL  value.......2400 each....quite used, so not so valuable
1 lightweight jacket, value unknown
5 room keys with charging priveledges attached (yikes!)
1 brand new Christmas gift...a 300.00 dollar Kindle with leather case, and credit card information inside (Oh CRAP )
Total cost of lost items=1,675.00
Total value of entertainment for those watching=PRICELESS!!!!!!
Come on back tomorrow for day 3 of our Carnival Fun Cruise........


Kristi said...

Oh my gosh Kris, I am cracking up over here!!

Woo!! Hoo!!!! You Grovers know how to party!! Wow, looks like such a great time, and you got some really great pictures. I'm missing your big pictures, I think I clicked on almost every one to make them big. The sunset picture is gorgeous, as are many more!!

Now I really can't wait to see day 3!! Can it get any better than day 2?? And I have to wait until tomorrow to see it? I don't know if I can wait that long!!

So glad you had such a fun time!

Pam said...

It looks like you are having such a fun time! Have one of those fruity coconut drinks for me - it's cold and rainy here in Portland...ugh!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness...haha.. sounds like some fun times were had. No one can "diet" on a cruise. Looks like the weather was gorgeous.

Tawny said...

Hahaha, that last part cracks me up!!! Can't believe that much stuff got lost, I'm afraid to read your other posts :)

Katie said...

Oh Sweet Jesus!!!! Alcohol, tattoos, missing clothing, what dare come of tomorrows photos??? Someone in the Mexican Prison??? I can see the headlines now ;)

Such Fun!!

Genn said...

Wow. I am laughing at Katie's comment. Yea, what happened the next day? What else is there? :)

All of those missing items? A kindle? Whose was that? Love the pic of you getting your groove on.

Katie said...

Holy cow! That was some crazy cruise. "'s 5:00 somewhere." Ha!

Did you ever recover any of those items?

Maryrose said... Fink/Grovers know how to Party. I hope you weren't on the list of lost items and lost people.

Great pictures, great commentary. You have me on the edge of my seat for day 3. Can I go next time? I think I would fit in nicely.

Hurry with day 3.

Kristi said...

So I came back for day 3 and it's not posted yet. I hate to be rude, but can you hurry up with that one? I just can't wait!

Kris said...

Hi all. I had hoped to get the post for day 3 out before I had to leave today. My sister in law's sister, is here from San Francisco to go to the Road To Calif. quilt show with me. So, day 3 will post later this afternoon. Sorry to keep you hanging!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Holy Cow! I'm dying over here! I would like to take part in the next Fink/Grover family cruise!