Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 3 - Ensenada, Mexico

When we woke first thing on Sunday morning, I opened my curtains  to this.  What a gorgeous day!  We had docked in Ensenada Mexico, and this is the Mexico Flag.  I thought this was a beautiful picture.
Then hurried on up to the Lido Deck for breakfast.  I took this from outside of the patio on Lido Deck.

That is my brother Mark on left, standing.  Next to him is Greg.  Seated left to right is Matt, Mom and brother Tim.
Everyone had sort of gone separate ways this day, as many were planning to get off the ship and spend some time in Mexico.
Me,, Mom and Glenda were the only ones who stayed on the ship.  We had a wonderful day basking in the sun by the pool, sipping fruity cocktails with umbrellas behind our ears.
I even climbed the stairs and slid down the circular tube slide, backwards, tuck position, landing with a 1 1/2 somersault in pike.  I got all 9's on my score!!!!

There is no photo of me making my entry to the water because I hit with such lightening speed that the photo came out too blurry!

So we laid by the pool all morning long, and well past lunch time, when a few of the group started to return to the ship.  When I saw my baby brother Tim, with a huge sombrero on, and a serape across his shoulder, all I could think of was....." Ay-Yi-Yi-Yi...I am zee Frito Bandito....You give me your Fritos, and I be your friend....Ay-Yi-Yi-Yi......"  He probably isn't even old enough to remember that commercial, but to me, that is who he looked like.  Poncho Villa!

His son Matt was wearing a Mexican Poncho, and Deanna had on a Mexican sweatshirt made out of blanket material.  They had bags of Mexican jumping beans, and bobble head tortugas, and lord knows what else!!
Eventually, Greg and David came back, Mark and Monica got back, Cody and Nick, and Timmy and Chad.   Johnny and Sue bringing up the rear, with only an hour or so to spare before The SS Carnival was to shove off again for home.  But there were still three of our amigos missing in Mexico!!!!  By this time, Mark and Monica were getting worried about Joe and Donavon and Kaylen, and they decided they better get back off the ship to go look for them.  And just as the dock lines were being untied, they staggered jumped back on the ship for our return cruise to San Diego.   It seems Donavon and Kaylen and Joseph had found a quaint little bar restaurant downtown, that even allowed you to go behind the bar and pour your own drinks!  And after 18 cucaracha bombs each, Kaylen even managed to win an authentic football jersey, and not one, but TWO white and blue leather footballs!!!!!  Joseph had all sorts of cosas (things) in his sak when he got back on board ship. 2 sets of  Cucarachas, 6 sets of Mexican Jumping Beans, 2 hand blown glass bottles of cerveza, bumper stickers from Papas & Beer, a 1/2 dozen churros from a friendly street vendor, and a giant plastic monkey!   Unfortunately, all of these photos were on another camera.  Suffice it to say, that a good time was had by all on their day trip into the town of Ensenada!!  SO good that, SOME people were never seen again that night. (Kaylen)
It was decided by all that waiting til 8:15 to go into the dining room for a formal dinner was just not in the cards that night, so we all ate at the buffet in the Lido Deck Lounge on our last night at sea.  Some people  seemed to think that the boat was really rocking this night, although the ones who never went to town that day, all agreed it was as calm as a lake!
After dinner, the group began gathering at The Lido Deck Bar to watch the football game.

Chad and Joe
Joe and I ( My hair got wet in that 1 1/2 tuck position, half twisting flip into the pool!)

Grandma and Joe
These are my younger brother Tim's 4 kids.  Deanna is the only girl, just like it is in my family.  I always felt like my brothers would do anything for me. And I felt very protected.  I hope Deanna will always have that same sense of security with her three brothers.  I LOVE these three photos of her with her brothers, Matt, Cody and Nick!

Nick is drinking a Red Bull, not a beer!!
In these next couple  of photos, there is a lady in a green top????  Who is this lady, I wondered???  And why does she have her hands all over my brother, and nephews!!!  Turns out she just another football fan.  But I think she must have been from the South, where they say everyone is SUPER friendly!!! 

Set em' up Bartender........
Cheers to a wonderful trip!!  A fantastic time was had by all!  What a great way to relax and reconnect with family!  I highly recommend you try this type of a long weekend getaway!
Thank you MOM!!!!!!!
The next morning, we met for the last time in the Lido Deck Lounge for breakfast before we disembarked and headed back home.

Goodbye Carnival Fun Cruise Ship!  WE WILL BE BACK!
And what's a trip away from home without someone losing their car keys?
Searching for the keys......

Discussing what to do?????????
And alas...Chad saves the day by finding a switch in the trunk for the automatic start.  So at least they knew the key was in close proximity and would find it later.

Chad, our hero!!!
Thank you Mom. Each and every one of us had a wonderful time!  I know you did too!
The End


Lauri said...

Sounds like good times! A cruise sounds nice...hmmm, maybe I should look into that!

Genn said...

What a great time!!!

Your day spent by the pool while everyone else was getting hammered in papas and beers (i mean sight seeing in Ensenada) sounds nice!

I am still cracking up at all of the cosas that Joe had in his satchel upon returning back to the ship.

Anyone know how Kaylen is feeling now? I saw no pics of her the next morning! :)

Katie said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHh Man, I was hoping we were going to have to send the Search & Rescue Crew for the family in prison, I'm mean, not that I sweet Katie would know how to break anyone out of Prison in Mexico!! ;)

So much fun, hopefully your girls & Drew will be able to join in next time!

Kaylen said...

I am alive and am doing swell! I still have my football! And for the record, I did make it out and about for dinner, unfortunately everyone had already made their way elsewhere by then.

Love the posts!! They have been fun to relive and to read the past few days!

Katie said...

Spencer and I spent our honeymoon in Ensenada. It's a fun city, but I don't blame you for relaxing on the boat.

Debbie said...

Oh Kris you crack me up. Your "dive" into the pool was a hit I'm sure. 9's are GREAT scores! Glad you all had fun. I would have been soaking up sun too, but a dive? not so sure. lol

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Each post makes the trip look more fun! I am so happy you got to enjoy it and what a great way to start off a new year!!

deb said...

thanks for sharng, I love that cruise, just enough time to enjoy and not gain TOO much

Tea With Tiffany said...

Enjoyed the pics.

Kelly said...

I'm very jealous!

Kristi said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous pictures Kris. That sky is unbelievable!! So glad that you had such a fun time. Tim would love to go on a cruise, and after seeing your three day adventure, I think I'd be down!! Loved your 3 posts, and the commentary was awesome, very entertaining!!