Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun Evening With Great Friends!

Last night we were invited to have dinner at our friends home, The Kelley's.  We met the Kelley's about 15 years ago, when their daughter and our daughter were on the same softball team.  My husband Greg coached the team.  We hit it off with the Kelley's right away.  They moved to our neighborhood shortly afterwards and we have been very close friends all these years.  Having dinner at the Kelley's, or The Kelley's having dinner at the Grover's was done on a regular basis.  Even on what we would often refer to as "School Night Bag O Dinner."  Which means, dinner together on a weekenight, despite the fact that we all had kids who had to go to school the next morning, and we called it Bag O' because we would combine what each of us had.  One may have had a Bag O' salad mix, and one of us may have had a Can O' ham, or Can O' beans, or whatever, and we would combine it, and have a wonderful dinner together.  Often times after our kids had practice, and we were freezing cold from sitting out at the ball park for hours, wondering what we would each go home and whip up for a quick dinner.  Then our kids grew up, moved out, and we continued our dinners.  They were sometimes simple, and sometimes elegant..  But always, no matter what was on the menu, the time spent together was full of laughter and great times.  And last night, was no exception.

Maryrose and I share a few passions and hobbies.  One of which is dishes!  But I will say, she has me beat by about 12 sets!!  And not only does she love dishes...but she has a real thing for stemware too!  I will show you more about that in a bit.  First...the meal.

Kevin grilled delicious filet mignon and New York steaks.  Maryrose prepared a heavenly angel hair pasta with fresh tomotoes, pine nuts, and torn basil on top.  A mixed green salad with walnuts and bleu cheese crumbles, red onion and a balsamic vinegar dressing.  And delicious toasted garlic bread.  YUM!
We brought the appetizers, and I cheated by ordering some sushi rolls from our favorite sushi place that the 4 of us frequent often.

Maryrose LOVES to set a pretty table.  She has more goodies to make a tablescape pretty, than anyone I know.  Tablecloths in every color, runners, napkins, rings, bling, vases, candle sticks, you name it, she has it!  She set our table for dinner in pink and black, with.....(her words here) a little bit of tacky thrown in there too.

And the tacky.......
Pink Flamingos and pigs that fly!!!  It was beautiful...pigs, flamingos and all.
For chocolate souffle, with fresh berries and raspberry sauce.  Instead of my inadequate words  to describe this, I will use pictures: was THAT good!!
And this is how much Maryrose loves her new wine glasses.  Both large for red, and small for white!  16 of each.  In fact, 16 of everything.  Champagne flutes, water goblets, wine glasses, cordial glasses, etc.  And let's not forget the red ones for the holidays!  And then, for some reason, I had it in my head that a high ball drink was served in a short glass.  They all three knew I was bonkers, and Maryrose was quick to prove it with a  google printout, and Greg was gloating!!!

I take such abuse from them!!
We ate, we laughed, we heard some of Kevin's new book he is writing, and we cried.  We counted dishes, and laughed some more.  We made a toast to great friends.

Then as the night was turning into morning, we said our goodbyes, and left with full tummy's and happy hearts.
Thank you Kevin and Maryrose.  It is ALWAYS a pleasure!


Kelly said...

i was quite impressed with everything, BUT THEN, I saw the chocolate souffle! OMG! I want a bite SO bad!

Shelbie Molnar said...

Sounds like great company!

Katie said...

That's fun. We have some close friends a few houses down. I like to think we'll be like that when our kids are grown.

Katie said...

Its 4am and I'm now starving! That all looked so yummy!! I'm going to show Sean that picture of you eating the Souffle, a picture says a thousand words right? & he is constantly asking where I inherited such a LOVE for food, think we may have found the answer ;)

Lauri said...

Sounds like a fabulous meal...a far cry from "bag-O dinner"

Debbie said...

This all sounds so wonderful..from the food, the beautiful (as always) table and dishes, to the good times with GREAT friends. We met some really fun people during Melody's years with her travel softball team American Pastime. You do end up being soo close as there is so much time spent together. We had a few of those dinners too, though we didn't have that clever name, haha...We've drifted away from all but one of those families though. But Mel has stayed up with a few of the girls. Funny they are all grown adults now. A couple of them even have babies of their own. How times does fly...Anyway, glad you had a good time. I am REALLY hungry for a good steak now, haha

Pam said...

I love having dinners with friends - your meal looked FANTASTIC...all of my favorite foods.

The new picture on your header is so cute!

Maryrose said...

I loved this post. You captured all of my fondest memories of our years together. We have had such great times and I know we will have so many more. Kevin and I had a great time of Saturday, one more toast to the reason of the evening eh?

You do take a lot of abuse, but I think I took just as much abuse from you guys about my dishes and glasses as you got about everything else. Next time we will have to pick on Greg and Kevin.

Cheers to a great night and many many more. Thanks for the terrific post, I feel so special. You got some great pics too, I didn't take any, except with your camera. Maybe you can email them to me. I will be listening to Drew's CD on the way to work this morning....can't wait.

Have a great day and check out my blog..I commented back on your does that sound goofy?

Kristi said...

My Mom told me how much fun you all had the other night!! That was the sweetest post, I smiled through the entire thing! My Mom is definitely lucky to have a friend like you, and what a bonus it is that you live right down the street!! And you bring her muffins.

Love all of your pictures, you really captured the evening. Love that picture of my Mom and Dad at the end, can you believe my Mom isn't hiding behind a vase or something?

Looks like you enjoyed that soufflé!! Great pictures!!

Tawny said...

What fun and what a cute tabelscape! Dinner with friends is one of the best things! I appreciate those nights now even more that I have kids :)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Cute pics Kris. Maryrose is soooo cute. As are you. I loved the one with your glasses on. lolol

Genn said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time! Dinner sounded great!! Table was pretty! Good friends are priceless.