Friday, January 22, 2010

Love The Rain, Not The Mess!!!

I love the rain.  Even this rain.  Torrential downpours, lightening, thunder, hail, wind, sleet.  Relentless rain.  It has been nice, in that we don't get to experience rain like this often in my neck of the woods.  I have been fortunate enough to get to stay here in the house, and watch it fall from  a warm and cozy space.  I worried about my family being out on the roads in this weather.
The part I don't like, is the damage it has caused.  We had a large limb snap off of a tree in the front parkway last night.  The city of Corona was so prompt in coming out to remove it, I didn't even get a chance to take a picture. Yesterday I thought it would be a great day to make homemade bread.  I got my trusty old Welbilt bread machine out from it's storage spot in the garage, and fired her up.  The house was smelling so wonderful of yeast and I couldn't wait to have some fresh baked bread.

My bread machine was a gift from my Dad.  Bread machines had just become popular and he had gotten one for my Mom.  I loved it so much that one day shortly after, he came over to my house and surprised me with one too.  This was almost 20 years ago!  I have used this machine like crazy.  It has turned out some very yummy doughy delights!  I had it going, and in the middle of the mixing cycle, the power went out in our house!  Yes...not once, but about 5 or more times.  The cycle could not be reset to make the bread.  I chanced it, and let it rise in the machine and then baked it off in the oven.  But with mediocre results.
It was later that night, during  heavy winds and sleet blowing into the windows sounding like they would surely break, when the limb broke on the tree out front.  Then today, I noticed there was a wet smell coming from one of the front bedrooms.  Upon closer inspection I found that the carpet and pad were soaked all along the front corner of the room!  What next?  I pulled all of the carpet up away from the floor and walls, and separated the soaking wet pad from the carpet with rolled up beach towels.  I soaked up what I could.  I have gone through several changes of towels, and have a large fan blowing on the area that is wet.

Despite the muddy pool, the broken tree limbs, the soaked pad and carpet...and whatever else might be damaged outside that I haven't noticed yet, it can all be fixed.  And as I sit here typing this, I am listening to the Hope For Haiti Telethon, and I know  my troubles are very small.  And they cannot even be called troubles..  Minor inconveniences.  It's just water.  I hope everyone can find a little bit to donate to the Relief for Haiti fund.  We decided we felt best donated to the one that Presidents Bush and Clinton are backing.
I hope everyone can There are many ways to help.
Today I got to spend a little time with my Hannah and Claire when they came to visit me.

We danced and shook our tail feathers in what used to be Uncle Goo's (Drew's) room.    That was fun girls!!!
I think the rain has stopped coming down, at least for now.  Crossing our fingers for a few hours to dry out.
Happy Friday everyone!!!!


Kelly said...

i was watching the telethon as well. brought tears to my eyes. it's so devastatin. i hope you get all your minor mishaps fixed soon!

Debbie said...

WOW It does sound like you got your share of "rain" damage over there but you are soo right. In the scheme of Haiti they are only minor inconviences. I too watched that telethon and it was heartbreaking. All those sweet innocent little brown eyes looking around. The complete destruction of soo much. It will take so long to clean it up and rebuild. I honestly cannot imagine being trapped beneath cement for days!!
And did you notice the woman who came out singing when they rescued her? Such spirit and faith.

I use to make home made bread (didn't have a machine though I always wanted one, haha) all the time. I LOVE LOVE that smell. Why is it that this rain has made me want to bake bread and simmer soup on the stove? It has about drove me crazy. SIGH....Jenny Craig, is much more or a summer diet...haha

Have a wonderful week-end Kris. And it is suppose to be dry and warmer for the next couple of days so hopefully you will dry out over there.

Lauri said...

Is the rain finished over there? We are starting to dry out in AZ...only a slight chance of rain the next few days. We got 7 inches of rain in 4 days; tha's half of our yearly average. Luckily I didn't have any rain damage, just a very wet, puddled yard.

Katie said...

Yum, homemade bread!! I could probably survive on bread & chocolate!

Hope you dry out soon! I heard your rain is coming to an end today and heading its way back up here to us ;( this past week of dry weather has been terrific, for us that is. Hope you don't have too much damage on the floors!

Tawny said...

I totally agree!!! I can't believe your mess! Hopefully today, tomorrow and Monday will be a nice break and drying phase!
Those are adorable pictures of the girls! Look at how much fun Hannah was having, love it!

Tyler said...

You can't beat homemade bread.

Anita Lasher said...

Sorry about your rug. I hope there is no serious damage there. I am right there with you in regards to Haiti! It is so heart wrenching to watch CNN and when the Dr.'s are in tears it is really sad and you know that they are feeling a state of hopelessness.

Genn said...

So your carpet was getting wet! Hope it dries soon.

We were watching the Help for Haiti concert last night too. It is so heartwrenching and so so sad. I wish I could do something more than donate money to help.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

The tragedy in Haiti certainly does make us realize even more so how blessed we are, doesn't it. We have been following a local family who's 19 year old daughter arrived there for mission work the day before the storm hit. She is stillmissing though initially they got word she was safe. Her dad has been on every network pleading for more help. It is heart wrenching!!! No parent should have to face that.

Still that all said, I hope you don't have any more damage. Wet often equals mold and you don't want that!! I hope you dry out soon!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Your little girls are adorable Kris. Your so lucky.
I hope you guys are starting to dry out. Your poor carpet. But your right, it's only water. We called and made a donation right away on our cell phone. You just have to. Those poor people.