Friday, January 15, 2010

Road To California Quilt Show

Yesterday my sister in law's sister...(.that is a mouthful...)Joni, came out from the bay area to go to the Road To California Quilt Show with me.  I didn't lug my big ol camera, as I knew we would be hauling around a big sak full of goodies, but I did take this one pic of a kit I bought at one of the booths.  I have been interested in trying some wool projects and notice how expensive the wool pieces are!!  A small square about 6 x 6 is 3.50 and a 1/8 yd. strip is 6 dollars!!  I have heard some seasoned quilters look for 100% wool blazers and skirts and such at thrift stores, and use that instead.  I have bought a couple wool items and cut them up, and used a bit here and there, with great results.  So today I thought I would see if I could find some more at The Goodwiill Store.  I wound up buying a full length cream colored womans coat, in 100% wool.  I am interested in dying a lot of it, and then keeping some as is.  Anyone out there have any good methods for dying?
I think this was at one time a very expensive coat.  It is very well made and extremely heavy!  The lady that checked me out asked if I was going someplace cold, and I said, no, I am cutting this whole coat up and using the wool for sewing projects.  She gasped.

This is the wool kit I bought at show, and it was 28 dollars for this  teeny tiny amount of wool pieces!  Plus the pattern, but it is the wool that is so expensive.

Before Christmas I had seen these glass pedestals with dome lids and knew I just had to have them!  But, with Christmas and all, I refrained from buying them for myself.  Then, they were sold out   Yesterday while I was waiting for some pictures, I was browsing around in Sam's and saw that they had this one box, and on it was a large paper sign that said last one, and it was half price.  Well, who could refuse that?  I figured one must be broken or something.  But no...they were perfect.  I LOVE them!!  I can't wait to use them for all sorts of different things. To serve cheese and crackers, to present cupcakes and small cakes on them.  For fruit...and all sorts of goodies.
I love that they are three different heights too.
That's it for me today.  Happy Friday!  I am waiting for the Mr. to get home and take me out to dinner!!!!


Amy said...

I love the glass dishes (I don't know what to call them)...I bet you are going to do very cute things with those!

Katie said...

what a great idea about the coat!!! interested to see what is made of it.

Lauri said...

I love the wool quilt idea and cutting up the coat is genius! I hope you share more with us later.

Genn said...

Love the glass cloches. Are those cloches? Or just glass platters? Anyway, I really like them.

I wonder who wore that coat? I bet it was really nice in it's day. It's a little bit sad to just cut it up, even though, no I don't think you should wear it either. :)

Katie said...

Cutting up a coat is brilliant!!!! That coat will give you a ton of wool. Great find. Great idea.

I did the same with wool felt. I think it's too pricey. I used a thrifted 100 percent wool sweater and felted it myself. It was fun.

I've never dyed wool. Just google search 'how to dye wool'. You'll find tons of good tips.

Nice steal on the glass pedestals. That's the kind of thing that I know would get tons of use.

Debbie said...

WOW buying the coat was a brilliant idea. However, I didn't know people used wool in quilts, though I know nothing about quilt making and it does make sense as wool is soo warm. I also love the covered glass pedestals. They look great. And your right, my head is swimming with all you could put in them. I like the different heights too. Have a great week-end Kris.

Kelly said...

you're so crafty! i love it. and i love the glass pedastals! so pretty!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Nice coat Kris. Can you send it to me?? It's cold. lol Forget the wool dying. A local shop by me does the wool dying. Right in the back of the shop. Very cool.
I love my domed cakestands. There so much fun to decorate with.

deb said...

Love the glass stands. love the coat..wish I had found it first....lolololololo.happy dyeing!!!

Maryrose said...

Good shoppa on both counts. Love those pedestal cake plates, you will have a ball with them.

Kristi said...

Oh man, I saw those at Sam's after Christmas and they were all sold out, I was bummed, they are sooooo pretty!! Glad you got yourself a set, I'm sure they are awesome!!

Great idea to get a coat and cut it up, that does sound expensive. Have fun crafting!!