Monday, February 8, 2010

Pizza Of Sorts And Yea For The Saints!!!!

I love New Orleans!  I am so happy that they won yesterday!  I love the quarterback, Drew Brees. I love his name!  I love that he is so humble!  And what a great game.  At least, I heard it was.  I was mostly in the kitchen cooking.   Hubby and son Drew won their bets they placed last weekend in Vegas.  Son Drew and daughter Erika each won quarter pools that we were in!!!   I didn't win any money, but I sure had fun with my family.
I made chili, and here's a shocker.....another loaf of homemade bread!  This one was a recipe that Maryrose had read off to me from her bread machine cookbook.  It sounded yummy over the phone, and once again.  it did NOT disappoint!!!!! Here is a picture of the bread fresh out of the oven.
Can I just tell you.........the smell of this bread from start to finish was heavenly.  It is made with flat beer, and the zippity doo dah in it was sliced chives and bacon!!!!!!  HELLO!!!  Suffice it to say, it was goooooood!!!   It was so good, that I sent what was leftover home with my kids, leaving only enough for each of us to have one slice with dinner tonight.    Here is what went into this fluffy loaf of heaven:

So, I made chili, and Gennifer and Jake brought this yummy chicken appy.  And of course, the typical array of chips and dips, and Drew and Diana went to get the gigantic hot wings pack we ordered, containing 4 types of wings, 6 sauces, sweet and salty fries, relish dish, and baked beans.  This was such a hit that no one saved room for chili!  
And for dessert, I had planned a little project for my granddaughter Hannah and I to make.  
Dessert Pizza!

Mixing, spreading, tasting........

Double fisted tasting......

Little Claire getting in on the action.

And Gennifer felt a little left out until she got up on the chair to help too.

And the finished pizza.  

Then a little chocolate gets drizzled on top, and finally, a bit of whipped cream to garnish.

I fogot to take a picture of a piece with the whip garnish.  You can't tell very well here, but there is chocolate drizzled on top.  
My kids were never cake lovers, so we did everything from dessert pizza to glazed doughnut towers, and brownie sundaes for birthdays.  This was a Grover household favorite.
And today........I am taking a very long, very brisk walk!!!!!!!!!!


Kristi said...

Yummy! That pizza looks so good! I'm getting hungry again for super bowl spreads! Glad you guys had a good time, looked like fun!

Katie said...

oh that pizza looks so good!

Genn said...

This post is gonna make me go eat the leftovers from that fruit pizza! It was so good.

And I don't know about that picture of me up on the chair, I think this post could do without that one.

Maryrose said...

Great looking pizza. Is that a sugar cookie? I bought a heart shaped cookie pan and that would be cute to do for V-Day. The fruit looks heavenly.

Do you have any of the beer bread left? I want to taste yours to compare. Yours is gorgeous. Ours really got big too.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love the pizza and seeing the girls helping you. How sweet is that?
The bread looks delish and man that was a big loaf.

Tawny said...

Okay, are making my mouth water, EVERY TIME I COME OVER!!! Yummo! I just tried the fruit pizza this summer and fell in instant love!!!

deb said...

wow...what a spread, it sounds YUMMY, all of it, and that bread, to die for!!!!
I have had dessert pizza before and I know how good it is!!!!!!
Im glad the Saints won too!

Debbie said...

OK, I may have to stop visiting (just kidding) as all the bread posts, and now this yummy food post is really making me hungry. It just looks sooo good. Yummmm....Glad you had a good time. I always send left overs home with my son Joe and his 5 kids, haha. I can't be trusted with a thing.

Amy said...

That does look sooooooooo good! You always make the best stuff...really!!!

Pam said...

I am loving that fruit pizza, my kids would be thrilled if I made this for them.

Room to Inspire said...

Looks so yummy! My kiddos would just love this.