Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toad In The Hole

Help....we can't stop!!!  Making bread, that is.   My sourdough starter was done curing, and I HAD to make some sourdough bread with it.  So, at 8 at night, I started my loaf.  At 11:15, I was sampling a corner of it!  Oh my!!
Here is the cured starter about to go to the fridge.

It doesn't look very appetizing here ,but trust me, adding just a 1/2 cup of this yeasty concoction turns out a heavenly flavored bread.  Last night I wasn't feeling very well, so Greg made dinner.  He heated up the leftover chili, and toasted some of the fresh sourdough for us.  I didn't feel like chili, but the toast sounded good.  Then I had an idea.....Ever heard of Toad In The Hole?
You take a nice thick slice of any type sturdy sourdough.   Butter both sides, and cut out the center of the bread with a biscuit cutter.  Save piece you cut out.
Heat  pan and place bread in hot pan to grill.  Crack an egg into center of bread where cut out is.  Also place cut out piece of bread alongside pan to toast as well, leaving no part wasted.  If  you like your egg a little runny, don't crack egg into center until after bread has been grilling for a minute or two.

Flip toast when egg is partially set up.  Also flipping extra cut out piece.

And enjoy.

Fantastic comfort food!  I was supposed to go to the movies today with my Mommy, but I am coughing my head off, and we decided to postpone.  So I will stay home, and sew instead, and try to get over this cold.
Happy Hump Day! daughter Erika got her wedding photos back yesterday and she has posted some of their favorites onto her blog. Go take a look.  They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!


Katie said...

Oh the bread keeps on coming & I feel Like I can Smell it ;)
Erika's pictures sure are Beautiful!!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness that looks good. Yumm...Hope you feel better soon. That nasty cough is going around. I'm going to go check out Erika's pictures now if I can figure out which one is her blog, haha.

Kris said...

Erika got the gift you sent yesterday! It arrived here, safely. Very pretty!!! I wanted to steal it from her!
Debbie, the link to Erika's blog is at the bottom of my post..Johnsons....just click on the word....and are there!

Lauri said...

I guess if you have to be ill, better this week that the week of the wedding.

The wedding pictures are beautiful. Looks like a beautiful setting.

deb said...

we make that here a lot...we just call it eggs in it sure is yummy! I learned hoe to make it when I was a kid from my grandpa.....super comfort food!!!!!
Get well soon!

Tawny said...

Never heard of such a thing! Sounds yummy...Sammy would LOVE it!

Cathy said...

So sorry to read that you're under the weather Kris. Yum, toad in a hole is one of my favorite breakfasts. Your bread looks awesome.

Hope you feel better soon.

Pam said...

The bread looks amazing and so does your Toad in the Hole.

cindy said...

I'm just popping over from Debbie's blog and have decided to stay awhile.

Your toad in the hole is called egg's nest in our part of the country.

Genn said...

Oh that french toast looks so so so good!

Sook said...

Wow I've never seen a toast done like that before. Looks amazing!

Kelly said...

OMG, that looks SOOOOO good!