Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sewing, Worms, Baking-Achoo!!!

Since we have come home from Vegas I have been plagued with a horrible cold!  I thought I was almost over it, and then a few days ago, woke up with what felt like razor blades in my throat.  Complete with fever, aches, and another cold, only this one even worse!!  Sheesh!  Today, I do feel like I am over the worst.  Been keeping busy anyway, and one day earlier this week, I had Noah, and since I was feeling awful, I was trying to find things to do to keep busy.  It was beautiful outside, and he wanted no part of Gamma laying on the couch!  So we dug for worms!

This turned out to be great fun for Noah.  It kept him busy for a good long while.  But every time I tried to go sit down and just watch, he insisted I come over and see his new worm!
There has been more bread baking too.   Last week we tried a new one.  Greg wanted to try one with the ancient grain called spelt.  It baked up nice and firm, a pretty loaf, and he says he likes it, but it is still here, so I am going to wager we don't make that one again.

 Greg got me this book for Valentine's Day too.  It is by the guy who's recipe we did first with our bread making adventures.  There is one for coconut and chocolate chunks that we are dying to try next.
My sourdough starter has been such a fun thing to do.  It is like having a pet though.  When you use it, you have to feed it equal parts, and then let it rise for 12 hours, and put back in fridge again.  The sourdough bread made with this starter is fantastic!

One night for dinner I made toasted tuna salad sandwiches with this bread.  Better than any restaurant sandwich....ever!!!

I have been enjoying spending time in my sewing room.  I made this yesterday.

I can't even remember when or where I bought this pattern.  But I had some nice pinks and reds, and even though it is very Valentiney...I think I will use this alot to top a table for birthday celebrations and things like that.  I am going to quilt it today on my machine.  I will show it when it is all bound and ready to use.  VERY fun pattern.  By pieces of my heart.
That's about it from this coughing, sneezing, stuffy, aching head, fever, wish I could rest Gamma this week.
Hoping next week I feel much better!


Genn said...

Hope you feel better soon! I have quite the cold infested house over here too. Including me now. I guess that is just par for the course.

Kristi said...

Oh that's horrible. Riley brought a nice bug home to our house and gave it to Madi and Tim, I lucked out this time and didn't get it.

Love your quilt, the colors are fabulous and that design is so pretty!

Hope you feel better soon!!

Katie said...

That quilt suits you perfectly. Cute.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Anita Lasher said...

Hope your feeling better too! I can't believe you just whipped up the quilt top. "unbelievable"

Debbie said...

Everyone has got that nasty bug. My hubby got it and then so did I but for some reason (thankfully) I did not get too bad. But several of my grandkids and now my poor mom. She has asthma so every cold/cough she gets is soo much worse. I can't believe you just "whipped up" that beautiful quilt yesterday. I love it. And I am thinking you are right. I can see it at birthday party celebrations in the future. Hope you feel better soon.

Kelly said...




Red Geranium Cottage said...

That sammie looks delish.
Hey I have that little wallhanging. It was a gift last year that Cheryl gave me. I love it!!! Yours is very cute too. Nice job.

Maryrose said...

Hope you are feeling better, love the quilt, love the worms, love the bread. Mom is just feeling better today so I think tomorrow she may be bringing home her pet sourdough starter. Can't wait to try that bread. The ole gal (bread machine) has been quite lonely for the past week. We need to get her working again.
Let's do beverages this weekend...

Amy said...

You are so talented. That quilt is adorable! Hope you feel better soon.

Katie said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon! That sandwich looks so darn good, I love tuna sandwiches on Sour Dough, YUM! & Chocolate Bread? Really, have never heard of it! Very pretty quilt too

Tawny said...

Ugg, being sick is NO fun! Especially since kids don't understand when we don't feel well :( Glad Noah had fun with the worms...such a boy thing!
Cute quilt!

deb said...

LOVE the cake table topper....soooooooooooo cute, you are on a roll!!!
get better soon, colds are no fun!!!!