Friday, February 19, 2010


 This is what I was finishing this morning.
Binding while listening to crooner Michael Buble.
Here is a picture of it finished with my still beautiful roses sitting on top.  

I can certainly recommend using Pro Flowers for sending flowers to someone.  I received these a week ago today, and as promised, they continued to open up and become more beautiful every day!

I haven't done ANY machine quilting, or any quilting for a good long while.  So I was rather rusty. And regarding doing my own machine quilting, with my domestic machine, I am new to it anyway.  I have referred many times to Diane Gaudynski's web site for tips and information.  I have two of her books, and they are incredibly helpful. AND...she was so kind to answer my emails, with detailed written descriptions for me to better understand the process.  She wrote to me several times, and her information is so good.  Her work is amazing!  So, I did a very shaky large meander on the whole quilt.  One time catching a corner of the jumbo rick rac and got all tangled up in that.  But for the first time ever, I had no problems with needles breaking, or thread bunching, just smooth sailing all the way through.  Diane recommended that I purchase a slider for my machine quilting.  I highly recommend using it.  It makes the fabric glide smoothly over the machine surface for you.  

The backing almost has a toile look to it. But it isn't.  I used a little of it on the front too.

Thinking about doing a Heather Mulder Petersen pattern next.  I love her stuff!!
The bread baking continues here at our house.  Yesterday I made two loaves.  One in each machine.  I thought my 20 yr. old Welbilt was giving up the ghost, but apparently, it was just having trouble the day we lost power in the storm.  I have continued to use it with great results.  So now, I am baking two at a time.  One in Welbilt, and one in Williams-Sonoma.    Or Well and Bill for short.  I made a loaf of rye after finally finding gluten at Henry's.  It was SO good!  One of the top 5.  And then another all time favorite for us. English Muffin bread, courtesy of Diana's recipe files.  First the rye.

This rye had a nice sturdy texture, and great flavor with the caraway seeds in it.  A new favorite.
Here is the English Muffin Bread.
The top comes out looking just like a giant English Muffin.  When you cut into it, the texture is just like a store bought EM, with nooks and crannies all throughout.  A perfect choice for toast!!

So last night after realizing I had baked 4 different types of bread this week, I packaged some up and we drove over to Gennifer and Jake's and gave them a few slices of each to try.
I have been under the weather this week, so there hasn't been a lot of cooking going on, but last night I had a rotisserie chicken to use, so I made a  chicken salad that was excellent. It had so much stuff in it though that I will never remember it all to make it again the same way.  I started with a head of romaine that I had washed and laid out on tea towels to absorb the water, then rolled the towels up around the lettuce and stuck it back in the fridge to crisp.  My Mom does this, and I love the result for romaine.  Then I cut all the white meat off the bone for the salad.  Ducey the Sweetie Wheatie got the dark meat.

Let's see...romaine, chicken, about a quarter of a thinly sliced red onion, one red pear, sliced.  Feta cheese, one red pepper, diced, dried cranberries, several large basil leaves, rolled and sliced into confetti.  Toasted pumpkin seeds, smoked sea salt, and ground pepper to taste.

Warming up your seeds, whatever they are, will enhance their flavor. 
The dressing I made from about 1/2 a small jar of Knott's Berry Farm Blackberry Preserves.  To this,. stream in some good olive oil, and a couple tablespoons of red wine vinegar, salt and pepper to taste, and maybe a tablespoon or so of prepared mustard.  

My intention was to make a raspberry dressing, but I was out of raspberry preserves., or they were hiding in the pantry.  This was excellent though with the blackberry.  Give it all a good whisk, and stream over salad.
This was killer good!!  We enjoyed it with fresh from the oven rye bread.  On Valentine's we went to a favorite place of ours, and ordered a Love Potion Number Nine pizza to share.  It was a white pizza, with smoked chicken and gorgonzola and cranberries.   This was by far and away the best pizza I have ever had!  When at Henry's yesterday I saw that they had cranberries in the bulk bins so I bought some. You only need a few, because these pack a very big punch of flavor.  But try them.  So good.
Happy Friday everyone.  Here's to a great weekend, and getting over this cold!!!!!


Tawny said...

Okay, I know I've said it before (I think) but my mouth waters every time I open your blog up! I am so coming over for some of that must have extra with all that you make? I won't tell Genn or Erika if you give me some...promise :)
Beautiful quilt!

Kris said...

Tawny, COME over and get some bread! I will bake one especially for you if you tell me what type you would like!!

Katie said...

Can I put an order of bread in to??? I want 1 sourdough, 1 Rye, 10 of the Chocolate that your going to make, 1 of the 1st one that you posted, I'll be by in the morning to pick them all up & since I'm there I'll take some of the french toast you made with the bread last weekend :)

That Salads looks very Tasty!!!

Lauri said...

Your salad looks divine. Definitely one I'll try. And tell me where you get a slider for the sewing machine. It sounds like something I'd like to have.

Gammy said...

Always interesting Kris,you inspire me.....Blessings,dp

Debbie said...

WOW Kris, for being "under the weather" you sure had a busy week what with quilt creating and bread making and what looks like a truly wonder salad as well!! I LOVE the quilt...soo pretty. And all that bread making in Well and Bill (haha love that) has me just drooling over here. How I love bread...SIGH...I also love dried cranberry's. LOVE them. Jenny Craig has a breakfast cereal with them and it is definitely one of my fav's. Though I think you get maybe 4 or 5. haha...Have a wonderful week-end over there, and hope you feel much better soon.

Debbie said...

Oh I forgot....don't even get me started on the pay or under appreciation (from some people anyway) of Policemen...just not right. Soo much is just not right. All part of the fallen world we live in I am afriad. Good thing our hope is in what lies ahead. = )

Kristi said...

Yummy, I have had a similar dressing only with the raspberry preserves and it's one of the best dressings I've ever had. I'm sure your salad was very yummy! Have a great weekend!

Maryrose said...

Look like you have been busy. Mom got the bread machine going again. Next...sour dough starter.

Genn said...

That salad looks great. Maybe once I can breate through my nose again I will try it and be able to actually taste it.

Your valentine's quilt is so pretty. Good pic of it with your red roses.

Katie said...

Great Pledge!!

deb said...

your tabletopper is it!!!!
the salad looks amazing....I love dried cranberries in salads...and I think I may have to try that dressing!!!!
you are on a roll with the sewing....we need a sewing day soon!!!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Kris you did a great job on your table topper. The salad looks yummy. You and that bread. You are a bread making machine over there.
I hope your feeling better. Drink more of that OJ.