Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Stuff

This morning bright and early, we had new insulation installed in our attic.  It took 3 guys 6 hours to tackle this job
 I think the guy on the ladder forgot his belt today!

They had to take turns going outside to get fresh air and rest.  I sure wouldn't want that job!!!

 The doors were wide open all day, and I ran around with a fly swatter!!

   Since I had to be here, and couldn't really get down the hall, I sat in a sunny spot in the living room reading this FANTASTIC book!  I highly recommend it!
After they left, I made chocolate chip cookies with an old friend.   I was up in the rafters one day last week to get my Easter stuff down, and found my old mixer.  My in laws had gotten this for me shortly after we were married.  That is more than 30 years ago people.  So we are talking RETRO!  I have such a hard time throwing things away that special people in my life have given to me. I used this mixer for many years!   At least 20, maybe more.  My folks got me a Kitchen Aid one year, and I put this RETRO goody up in a box in the rafters rather than toss it.  I was curious to see if it still worked.  I remembered always liking the fact that it had a tilt arm on it.  This makes adding ingredients so much easier.  My  Kitchen Aid does not have a tilt arm on it, because they didn't make them that way several years ago.  So, I gave the mixer a good washing, and fired it up, just to see.  Worked same as she did all those years ago.  What a great little appliance.  My daughter Gennifer saw it sitting out the other day in the laundry room and laughed.  These young kids don't appreciate the beauty of a retro piece like this.   So, what should I do with it now?
This was a double duty appliance too.  The arm on top came off and a blender sat on the top left.  But I recall that it broke many years ago.   I also like the heavy duty clear glass mixing bowls that it came with.
I removed a cup of my sourdough starter this morning, and made a buckwheat sourdough sponge that needs to develop for 24 hours, and then tomorrow morning we can make buckwheat sourdough pannycakes.  That's right....I said pannycakes.  My kids ALWAYS called them pannycakes, and to this day we still do.
It becomes very bubbly and takes on the consistency of a sponge, and is the basis for the pancake batter that will be made tomorrow.   I made my sourdough starter several weeks back when we became so bread crazy here, and started using two bread machines simultaneously and Greg began making Jim Lahey's no knead artisan bread every week.  We have made many sourdough loaves, and given my Mom some starter for her house.  It is so yummy.  Like a take some out every week, and then feed it, and put it back in the fridge.    Greg got home a few minutes ago from his golf tourney and we are going to go grab a quick bite to eat and then I am going to hunker down beneath the quilts and read my new book.
Happy Saturday.


Debbie said...

When I was first married my girlfriend and next door neighbor had one of these wonderous things. I wanted one sooo badly. I watched her mix and create and felt I just could never achieve what she did without one, haha...I never did get one either. I was determined Mel would have one when she got married but try as I did I never did get her to put one on her registry. She always claimed whatever would I do with it? You never had one mom, and you did just fine. haha She really is a great cook but I think she too would have been soo much better with one of The pannycakes sound soo wonderful. I have a feeling they would have been a big hit over here. All of my kids LOVED LOVED LOVED pancakes. I soo enjoyed this post Kris. = )

Katie said...

I bet that Mixer is Awesome!!! I love your cookies on that carrot Plate.

The Help goes down as one of my all time favorite books, such a good read!

deb said...

That book was so good I could not put it down!!!!
LOVE the mixer and the sunny color!!!!!
Those cookies look amazing!