Sunday, April 18, 2010

From Drab To Fab

I couldn't stand to look at my comforter another minute!  It was an inexpensive bed in a bag set, that has long since served it's purpose, and Ducey's favorite thing to do is jump into the middle of the bed then roll around until it is a mess!!!  Keeping our rambunctious Wheatie in mind while shopping for a new comforter, I have yet to find what I am wanting.  Also, do I want to change colors?  Paint the room?  So until I decide.  I lighten it up and give it a new look for the warmer weather, I put my white matelasse spread on, and folded a spring quilt over the foot of the bed.  I bought this quilt several years ago.  I loved the colors and detail on it.  Greg was never crazy about it....too feminine.  I thought I had matching shams, but couldn't find them, so I put a set of pretty slips on the extra pillows, and layered a couple of pillows in similar colors on the bed.  I put the soft bear I recently bought on the bed, knowing full well that when Greg saw it he would make a terrible face and I would move her back to my sewing room.  I need a new dust ruffle, and now the curtains look bad with the spring colors in there.   I am still on a hunt for a new comforter set, so this is temporary.  But it sure freshened it up in there.  Here is the before.
And thirty minutes later....Fab
Okay..maybe not fab..but better than drab.
The hope chest I recover every time I change the colors in there.  But for this quick change, I layed an antique quilt on top in similar colors.   That gold dust ruffle looks awful.  I made this one from the valance that came in the bed in a bag set. My curtains I love, so I hate to have to change them.  They are just panels, but the two on the outside are more sheer and I drape them up over the rod during the day to let the sun in.
I gathered up my pile of magazines by my bed and put them in a new basket, along with the other essentials I reach for every night.  Lotion, chap stick, my glasses!!  
These two quilts above were made by my great grandmother. Clara Eliza Wright.  My grandmother, Nana's mother.  And remarkably, I remember her well.  She died in her late 90's when I was about 12.  I don't recall her sewing in my lifetime, but Nana says she quilted as most women of her generation did.  However, Nana never learned.  These two quilts are quite damaged in spots, but still look great when folded and displayed.  I have a third one, that is in perfect condition.  My mom had that one hanging on the wall of the bedroom of our family cabin in Big Bear.  I have it now, and will share that one later.  Having become an avid quilter myself, more than 10 years ago, I cherish these pieces of history. Of  MY history.  Knowing that they were made with my greatgrandmothers hands, makes them even more special to me.
Sitting here in my bed right now, I am thinking already that I will change the pillow slips from the ones I put on today, to another set I just remembered having that may go even better.  And who knows, it might all be changed again next week to something altogether different. 
Aftter I changed the bedding, I did something else.
Bissell Pro Heat 2X....I LOVE YOU!!!   I needed to have my carpets cleaned.  For the price it would have cost, we bought this instead.  I have now cleaned the entire house.  WHAT a difference!  This machine works fantastic.  The best price I found for this machine was at Sam's Club.  I feel it was well worth it!
Leaving you with  a couple more pictures. Once is of a flag I bought  in Temecula on Saturday. 

My friend Jae and I went out to see a couple quilt shops, and we had a most perfect day!  We went to the quilt shops first, and found all sorts of wonderful things.  And then we poked our heads into another dozen or more shops.  Had a delicious lunch at a burger place that was listed in Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  And ended at a great little thrift shop where we found even more treasures.  It was a great day.  Our husbands were camping with their mens softball team so we were footloose and fancy free. 
This afternoon Mr. Sweet Life pulled in from his camping trip with the boys.
It is sure good to have him home!!!  Tomorrow I will show you the goodies I got on our shopping trip to Temecula.


deb said...

OH I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the transformation on the bed.....sp pretty!!!!!
I cannot wait to see what you bought in Temecula, Im so sad I couldnt go:(
Next time....soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deb said...

OH I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the transformation on the bed.....sp pretty!!!!!
I cannot wait to see what you bought in Temecula, Im so sad I couldnt go:(
Next time....soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

I'm a big fan of quilts on beds!! Quilts in general actually, I have many & wish I knew how to quilt. My Great Grandma Brady had given Kelly a quilt that was made by her Grandmother for her Wedding Gift, Kelly left it behind when she went back to Fort Campbell so I took it over, then she stole it back from me when I moved to WA. ;( I had it for over 10 yrs, I think I should of earned ownership! ;)
I'm reading a book right now called "The Sweet By and By", one of the characters (Margaret) reminds me a little of Nana. She lives in a "retirement home" and is "annoyed" by all the old people!
Can't wait to see what else you do to your room, Your so Creative!

Katie said...

Oh and I WANT one of those Bissels too!!! I was at a girlfriends a couple of weeks ago helping her get her house cleaned up and she had a dyson vacuum cleaner and a bissel carpet cleaner, the fun in cleaning with gadgets like that!!!

Debbie said...

Oh how I love a make-over, rather it is mine or someone elses, haha...I LOVE the new look. I can't tell you how much I love quilts and the fact that you have some your GREAT grandmother made are soo special. We bought a carpet cleaner several years ago and have used that baby to death. Paid for itself on round one too. I LOVE having it and whipping it out (not that I whip it, my hubby is the expert) and cleaning WHENEVER I feel the need arise (which is often I will admit) Looking forward to seeing your goodies from Temecula...(I LOVE it there btw) Have a great day Kris.. = )

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What a great change kris and thanks on the heads up on the Bissell. I need to tell my son aabout that.

LOve the basket of essentials by your bed. You have your priorities right!! :-)

Diane said...

Kris, I love the transformation! Isn't it funny how all of a sudden something becomes unbearable? You can look at it for months on end and suddenly one day it is unendurable. I love the way you record a transformation. Very fun!

Diane said...

Good Morning,
Did you read what Katie said about Kelly stealing her quilt back????
Well.....I think I will come over with a large truck and start taking back.
Chair, wagon, quilt, mirror, knife sharpener, etc., etc., etc.
Your Mommy

Tammie said...

Hey Kris, it's Tammie (Maryrose's bunco buddy) and I love your blog! Hope you don't mind! Love your quilt trip to Temecula, I think I need to go.....what was the name of the burger place?

Kristi said...

Oh I love the new look! So perfect for the season. I'm in the market for a new spread too and have been for months, can't find anything I like! Love what you've done!

Nominated you for a little somethin' somethin' on my blog! Have fun!

Genn said...

Like the new look, but for Dad's sake, you might have to add a bit more of a masculine touch to it too. ;)

That's a great pictre of Dad getting home with the boat in the driveway. Love the trees in it too.

Oh yea, and I like your flag.

Kris said...

Hi Tammie...of course I don't mind! I was going to leave a comment back to you on your blog, but you haven't posted in months, and I didn't think you would see it. Do you quilt? The name of the burger place is Madeline's Burgers, right there on Front Street. The best chargrilled burgers! You need a bunch of napkins though!!! Come on back anytime!