Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday-Buffet -Bambinos & Cobbler

First, a couple of pictures of Erika opening her birthday gifts.

That is a little wool birthday piece I made a few weeks ago.  Looks cute with the mini cupcakes on it.
Gennifer and the girls came over today and Hannah wanted to stay over for a while to play with Noah.  They had fun. Noah was engrossed in Toy Story 2 here.
I asked Hannah to smile, and this is what I got.
Mr. G was much worse today.  Hannah wanted to say goodbye to Geeps before she left, and he mustered up a big smile.  He goes to the Dr. in the morning.  I sure hope they can do something for him!
I have been looking for just the right buffet or some sort of counter height piece of furniture for the dining area of my kitchen.   A couple years ago, I got a wild hair and tore out the little desk along the wall, and put a 6 ft buffet table there, covering it with a pad and pretty table cloth.  I put it up on cinder blocks to come to counter height.  And I used the space underneath to store all of my kitchen stuff that didn't fit in the cupboards.  I NEEDED a nice piece that could serve as both storage and to use as an actual buffet when having company, and also to just look pretty in the kitchen.  I am a big Craig's List fan.  I have been scouring CL for some time looking for the right thing.  Yesterday. I. Found. It!!!!   Noah and I drove out to see it in the morning, and then my friend Jae went out with me last night to pick it up.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!
It is the perfect thing for this space.  It is a heavy, well built piece.  Three drawers across the top, and cabinets with shelves underneath.  I love the big bun feet!
I will be moving the canisters, don't know where I will cram them in.  I have very little counter space in my kitchen.  Another thing I love about this buffet is the design on it.  I don't know what you call this look.  But it reminds me of a Tommy Bahama piece.
The drawer fronts and front legs have bands of this cut wood design.   I just love it.  There were a few nicks in it.  I was going to use some stain to hide them, but I bought these wood markers to try.  They come in three various shades of brown.  Starting with the lightest one, you color and shade until you get the right look, then buff it out with a cloth.  I was so happy with the results, I don't think it needs anything else.

When I dropped Hannah off at her house this afternoon, Gennifer was making a lovely fruit cobbler from the cookbook both Jake and I got her for her birthday.  I don't know why on earth I didn't buy one for myself at the same time I got hers....what was I thinking?   I left her house, and went home and called her for the recipe since I knew I had a ton of fresh fruit to use, and I had all of the ingredients to make one too.  Poor Genny. First her much loved camera broke, and she couldn't blog without her photos. Then, yesterday her computer crashed!  No blogging for a few days for her.  I know she will want to blog this yummy recipe too, so I will just post the pictures  of mine.  And can I just say....DELICIOUS!!!!  Oh my!!!  Reminded me of the wonderful and simple fruit cobbler my Mama would make in the summers out at the lake.  She made it with fresh Marion berries, and we would eat it warm with ice cream, sitting out on the dock!  Oh I can taste it now, and smell the lake.
This is before it went into the oven.  This is not your typical cobbler, as there is no top or bottom crust. The dough puffs up and forms a crust around the berries, while baking.  For mine I used fresh blackberries and fresh bluebrerries.
It is topped with sugar, and this forms a nice crispy, sweet top crust.  It was so yummy, but the next time I make it, I will use a more shallow baking dish.
So much for Greg and I starting our exercise and healthier eating this week!


everyday katie said...

Ok, a few thoughts....

One, I hope your husband is better soon and that all goes well at his appointment. He sounds miserable.

Two, LOVE the buffet.

Three, The cobbler looks DIVINE!

Four, Poor Genny. Her computer crashed?

Katie said...

That is a Beautiful Buffet, it looks great, and I like how you turned your dining room table at a slant!

Yes, Poor Genny, hope she gets her Puter fixed soon!!

And, POOR Greg, still miserable?? Saying some prayers that he passes those stones Quickly!!

I made the spicy pulled pork recipe from Pioneer Cookbook the other night~YUM! If you buy yourself one, order it from Amazon, less than $15 bucks!

Debbie said...

Good Morning Kris! Soo much here to comment on...OK, let's see. First, I am soo sorry your hubby is still feeling soo bad. I will pray for wisdom for the docs that they will know how to help him, and that it is all over for him soon and he is back to his usual healthy happy self. And second, I LOVE the buffet...I can see why you were soo excited about it. What a wonderful piece and seems to have so much storage. And that cobbler? YUM YUM YUM...looks wonderful. I can almost smell it. I've been soo busy and I have another busy few days coming up. I will try to work in giving you a call as I would love to "CHAT" again. I appreciate the prayers. OH, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your girl...I missed the post below so I am going to go read that now. Have a wonderful day Kris, and tell your hubby I am praying for him...HUGS

Almost forgot...poor Genn on the computer crash...I'd feel soo cut off if that happened to me...Funny how dependent I've become to this thing. Hope hers is up and running soon. = )

NanaNor's said...

Good morning Kris, What a great post-for many reasons. But I am sorry that Greg is still suffering-lifting him up right now. Loved the buffet-your dining room looks delightful! Hey, I love the bottom of the quilt on the wall behind the couch-you should show it all-I think it looks like a pattern I'd like.
As for the cobbler-o.k. so my mouth is watering-guess I'll have to wait to fall before I can make a gluten free version cause for now I'm off of all sugar and can't eat a lot of fruit. Sorry your girls computer crashed and her camera broke...what a bummer.
Have a blessed day!
Hugs, Noreen

Kristi said...

Oh my gosh, I totally missed the post about Greg. Poor guy!! I hope he feels better soon and the docs can help him. I can't believe I didn't read that, bad Kristi!!

LOVE the buffet, it is so perfect. I can see why you were so excited about it. I love Craig's list too, that's where I found my bed in my master (minus the mattress, I wouldn't buy a used mattress, that gives me the creeps)!!!

That cobbler looks delicious, I'm drooling over here! Hope Genn gets her computer fixed soon, that is a total bummer!

Maryrose said...

Love the new buffet....what a statement that makes in that area. Good shoppa....
Sorry about Genns computer, cobbler looks delish and I hope Greg is feeling better today. You sure have a lot going on...enjoy your day.
PS. I need a pic of inside the buffet.

Diane said...

WOW!!! Love the buffet. It looks very much like mine.
And, the Pioneer Woman is a great cookbook.
I am hungry, think I will make that cobbler too.

Cobbler makin mama.......

Tawny said...

Happy Birthday to your other little girl :) I totally forgot they were so close in Bday dates! I love your birthday cloth, so cute!!!