Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To Erika!

Twenty Seven years ago today,  Greg and I welcomed our second baby girl into the world.  Erika Diane weighed in at 8 lbs. 5 oz. and was 19 inches long.  She was beautiful and perfect in every way.
She had full rosy cheeks and dark hair.  She slept well right from the beginning, and was content when she was awake.  She took to nursing right away and filled out all over.  Especially her thighs!!!  She was a joy.  We were so thrilled with our two perfect little girls.
We settled into a nice little routine, and I loved being a Mommy!  Erika was a GOOD baby.   I remember when the above pictures were taken.  I loved this time in my life!
Look at that cleft in her chin!  She got that from me.  And Noah has one too.  In fact, Noah looked just like Erika's baby pictures.  The blanket she is laying on in this picture became her special "blankie."  I still have it.  It is tattered and oh so loved.  We went nowhere without it.  In fact, all three of our kids were very attached to their blankies.  The picture below was taken the day I got home from the hospital with Erika.  Gennifer loved to hold her baby sister.
I hear lots of young Mommies say they can't wait til their kids are older and life gets easier.  Not me.  I loved those days.  I would go back in a second.  To me, that was the sweetest time.  I loved everything about motherhood.  I loved being THEIR Mommy!
Happy Birthday to our Erika!  May you have the best year ever!   We love you so!
And one last picture.....just for fun.   It was taken 6 yrs after Erika was born.  Right after I had Drew.  Our family was complete.  I had to snap this one when I was gathering the pictures of the girls when they were born.
Happy Birthday Erika.  We love you oodles!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks mom!! I too would pause the small moments of just holding Noah...it goes to fast...before I know it Noah will be 27 (ahhhh I cannot even imagine!)

These pictures are insane how MUCH Noah resembles me!!! Especially the newborn one's & this last one with all of us! wow

Katie said...


Happy Birthday to Erika, I can't believe she is already 27, WOW, times flies. Hope you enjoy your day!

And, me too Kristy, My absolute favorite times were from 0 to 5 yrs old with J, I Loved Sippy Cups, play dates, and Sesame Street ;)

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Erika!!! Great old pictures, I loved them! I am like you, as busy as I am, I LOVE this age of my girls. I watch them get older everyday and I just wish I could bottle them up. I know that before I know it, my kids will be older and I'll be wanting them babies again!!!! Happy happy again Erika!!!

Kristi said...

Oh yeah, and you look gorgeous in those pics!

Maryrose said...

Happy Birthday to Erika!!

I agree there is a definite resemblance between Noah and Erika. And I also agree, it goes to fast, I would go back too and savor every moment.

Enjoy your day.

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Erika,

Oh how I remember those days too.
And, yes, Noah looks so much like Erika's baby photos.

Hope she has a great day ......


Lauri said...

I feel the same way about motherhood...I loved the time when my kids were all living at home. I loved every bit of it from pre school to high school. What wonderful memories!

happy birthday Erika