Saturday, May 8, 2010

Getting There

The roof was supposed to be done yesterday.  It isn't.  AAAAAAAA!!!!!   They should be back any minute this morning to finish up today.  Apparently they were a little bit short on materials to finish yesterday. 
It is looking great though.  But the new roof only emphasizes the need for paint.  It just doesn't end, does it.
I am guessing about a half a days work today and they will be able to finish it up.  Greg went into work for a while this morning, so I am sitting here with all the windows open enjoying NO noise for awhile before they get here. 
Yesterday our buddy Christopher from next door came over for Greg to tie his tie.  His Dad wasn't home yet, and he was off to Prom.  He was so excited.  Christopher is 17.  He has Down Syndrome.  We love this guy.
You can see my new curtains in this photo.  And you can also see that I have patched, but not yet painted the spots where the old rod hardware was removed.  I am remaking these curtains because I cut them too short.  I wanted them to puddle on the floor.  Oops.
That stain glass piece you see there in the window is a very favorite piece of mine.  I found that in a cute shop in Riverside one day while shopping with my friend Maryrose. She knew how much I liked it, called Mr. Sweet Life to let him know she had the perfect gift idea for him, and if I remember correctly, he paid her, and she even went back herself to get it!  I love this piece!  The light comes through that big picture window, and casts such pretty colors through that glass.  I miss those shopping excursions!!!  We need to go back there Maryrose!!!
Here is Noah looking out the kitchen window at the guys working.
Yesterday I had a surprise at the door.  It was a familiar box.
I love the way Pro Flowers does their deliveries.  They send the flowers, wrapped separately from the vase, with two paks of food so you can use one right away, and then another for a longer lasting floral arrangement.  They come as closed or barely open flowers,  And every day, for as long as two weeks, you see them open up more and more until you have a beautiful, full floral bouquet that you get to enjoy for over a week.  This is how they looked when I got them.
Already this morning, when I got up, some of the irises are opening up and they are so pretty. 
I just heard the truck get here.  Let the hammering and sawing continue.


everyday katie said...

I was at a friends house yesterday when Pro Flowers made a delivery to her. It was pretty cool.

Sorry about the roof. But it's a small trial for the long term benefits of a new roof. At least they're almost finished.

Genn said...

The roof is looking great. Glad for you that it's almost done.

What a cute picture of Chris. I hope he had fun at prom. I can't believe he's so old. Makes me feel so old.

Pro Flowers? That was nice.

Katie said...

That Stained Glass peace is just Beautiful!!

Happy Mothers Day Weekend!! Hope is peaceful and you have a new roof by then!