Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Roof Day Three-(and what I would do if I were a millionaire)

Another beautiful clear day in the IE.  Going to be upper 80's.  Crystal blue skies, and perfect weather for just about anything.  If I wasn't confined to the house, I would be in the yard...all day.  The crew arrived bright and early again.  And looking out from any window, you can see a beehive of activity.
Noah is enjoying all of the different "Vroom-Vrooms" that come every day for this job.  Today's Vroom-Vroom did not disappoint.
These guys must think I am nuts to be taking pictures.   Mostly they are for Mr. Sweet Life to see the activities of the day while he is at work.  But also fun for me to document what we are doing as well.
Really, I had no idea what all was involved in the process of getting a new roof.  And now I know why they are so costly!!!!!  I also know I would never want to be a roofer.  Out of all of the workers we have ever had here at our house, this crew has by far and away been the most polite, clean, hard working, and punctual that we have ever had!!!  If you are in the market for a new roof, and live in the IE or LA area....I can certainly recommend them!
The sky is truly that blue today.  Just gorgeous!!!    As much as I love the warm sun, I am growing more and more fond of the gentler temperatures of Spring.
Noah is getting accustomed to the noise.  Not even batting an eye when a heavy bag of tar paper is dropped like a wrecking ball onto the roof, shaking the house and jiggling pictures on the wall.  Ducey, however.....not so much.  He is clinging to me like a fly to fly paper.  I have to walk him (carry is more like it) to the grass to coax him to do his business.  Poor Duce!!  Last night he had a sneezing fit the likes of which I have never heard!!  Must be all that debris and sawdust floating around the air.  Wonder how he'll tolerate the tar smell.   Ugh!
This was shot straight into the sun.  Not a good picture but Greg can at least tell what is happening today in Constructionville.  See that fence there?  THE BEST money we have ever spent!!!!  Gives us 100% peace of mind and protection for the little ones that come to Gamma and Geep's house.  And I can go out and work in the yard, and let them play without ever  having to worry about anyone falling in.  It can come back down in a couple years.  For now though...the best!
So, a little past 9 in the morning, and it is already moving right along.
Last night while we were outside sweeping up from the days messes, Drew's buddy Brian came by, and he and Greg were talking about their luck, and the lotto.  Brian was saying how he and his Grandpa were talking about what they would do if they won the lotto.  So we were all throwing our two cents in about what we would do if we were rich.  Without meaning to, I went to bed thinking about that.  What would I do if money were no object?  Thought provoking isn't it?  So, not a tag, but if you feel so inclined to play along...please do.  I would love to  hear what others fantasize about doing should they find themselves filthy rich over night. no particular order, I would:
1.  Have clean sheets on my bed every night?  And not those scratchy cheapo sheets either.
2.  I would buy a cabin on Willow Cove at Bass Lake ( our favorite place in the whole world )
3.  I would donate money to help the fight to end cancer and other debilitating diseases.
4.  I would have an errand boy (cute too) to do all of those errands I hate to do.
5.  I would also have a pool boy, named Enrique, who would spritz me and my gal pals while we lounged lazily poolside, sipping fruity cocktails (okay if you know me, it would Paradise Iced Tea or diet Pepsi for me) and waiting for our scheduled massage underneath the palm tree.  (and if you know me, I'll skip the massage, and have a mani and pedi instead)   Enrique would also be happy to whip us up some fantastic snacks to keep the hungries at bay until we would be going out to dinner in the evening.
Shaking  head and clapping hands loudly in front of blank stare on face to get back to reality!
6.  I would also buy several other cabins at Bass Lake, preferably on Willow Cove, for all of our family members to be able to join us at our lake.
7.  I guess I don't have many wants because I am sitting here at #7 a little bit stumped at what to do next with all of my money!!!
 So, that is just a few of the things I would do if I won the lottery.  I guess the first thing I should do, is play.  I don't play.  Maybe I will start.  And you?  What would you do if you won the lottery.


Kristi said...

Cute post Kris! It's fun to document the new roof install I think. It'll be fun to see what you had, the process through and then the result! I know we all can't wait!

I like that pool boy idea. Of course if I won the lottery I'd have to install a pool first and then hire the pool boy!

Katie said...

This was too funny Kris! I would have a pool boy too, but his name would be Sancho!! ;)

Your roof is coming right along!

Katie said...

This was too funny Kris! I would have a pool boy too, but his name would be Sancho!! ;)

Your roof is coming right along!

Debbie said...

I am enjoying watching your roof go up and am excited to see the finale...haha

You are too funny Kris...and my mind is starting to whirl with WHAT would I do if I won the lottery...Now of course it would have to be a REALLY big lottery, haha...But I think the first thing I would do is let my sweet hubbie retire. And then make all of my kids and my mother comfortable in their dream homes. Not mansions or anything, but COMFORTABLE. Then I'd buy a house ON THE BEACH big enough for all of us to gather and enjoy whenever we wanted.
A LARGE portion would go to our church, and another to cancer research. And the pool boy? I think I would rather have a cook...haha Have a good day Kris.

Linda said...

Very cute post...if I won the lottery I think I would hire a personel chef, or better yet Don could retire and cook for me! He loves to cook. I would also buy houses for my sons and buy one for us close by them in a "no wind" area.I would love to have enough to help provide college scholarships for kids too. Ah...dreaming...
The teddy bear pattern on my blog is just a Simplicity one...5461.
I got it at Joanns when they were having their 99 cents pattern sale. It has 2 sizes of bears and a vest and hat too. It was very quick and easy!

Diane said...

I LOVE seeing the progress of your roof. My lotto dreams are similar to the others. Hubby and I retire to our lakeside retreat. Not too picky on which lake it would be, as long as the fishing is good. Oh, and we would have a little boat, too. We'd have plenty of room for whatever family wanted to join us. After taking care of the needs of my daughter and Mom, I'd give the rest to the church and charities. To me, the ultimate luxury would be to have some one come in and clean my new house. This was fun!

Lauri said...

I like the idea of a cute errand boy. I could really make a list for him since I have so many errands and chores I don't enjoy.

Erika Grover said...

I would also like an assistant, to grocery shop (my least favorite things to do!) & run errands...perhaps fold & put away my laundry too...but I don't know b/c I like things done MY way...Gee where do I get that from mom??? Any ideas?

Ahhh Willow Cove.

Maryrose said...

Roof is looking good, I'm sure you will be happy when the mess is gone. You are not the "mess" type so I'm sure it is driving you crazy.
I would love to win the lottery too, because the greatest gift that would give me would be time. You know how precious my time is to me.
Enjoy your day of hammering.

Diane said...

Embassy Suites !!!!!! Yes, I would buy The Embassy Suites.
I would go down every morning for a leisure breakfast, then 5:00, cocktail hour. Yes, Embassy Suites.

Genn said...

Ooooh! I like Gma's idea! I would love to own the Embassy Suites! All of them! Ahhh, that's the life. Own all Embassey's and a private plane. We could jet off to the Embassey in Maui for a week, and then off to another Embassy the next. An errand boy to travel with us would be nice too. Ha. If only...

Are the roofers done yet?

Pam said...

I think the pool gate is nice... peace of mind is important!

If I became filthy rich, I would travel, travel, travel. I would also buy a few homes in different parts of the world. I would donate a lot to children in need and animal protection. I would also put a ton away for college for my kids and nephews. I would buy homes for every family member too. That's about it.

Kelly said...

lol! i like this post! a pool boy... yes! mani and pedi, yes! i would buy a mercedes, a bigger house back in hb again, houses for everyone! and 2 nannies.... ohhhh a nanny!

Tawny said...

Wow, how do you do it? I guess when you know you'll love the end result, it's worth the process.

I love the idea of clean sheets each night, but you'd also need someone to take the old ones off and put the new ones on. Would it be weird to have Enrique do that too? Let me know when you do win so I can come enjoy your view by the pool too! hahah!

Jamie said...

It's fun to watch the play-by-play on the roof!

My parents got one of those fences too and they love it- no worries is nice and so cool that it can come down any time!

I know what you mean about Justin and Erika. I thought they made a cute pair and oh how he loved Noah! His new gf is sweet, I like her. It would have been cool though! :(