Monday, May 17, 2010


Yesterday I went to Target and bought a bunch of inexpensive toys and goodies to fill up my big Tupperware bowl to use as Noah's Treasure Bowl for potty training.  I bought lots of things I thought he would like.  Cars, squirt guns, sticker books, crayons, white board, balloons, balls, etc.  I also bought a package of training pants.  Do you know how hard those are to find these days?  My kids all wore them when I was training them.  When Noah got up this morning, I showed him his treasure bowl, and talked to him about what was in inside.  I showed him his new under skivvies and asked him if he wanted to put them on.  He said NO and threw them across the room.  I explained that when he went potty on the toilet, he would get to pick ONE goody out of the bowl. Again he said NO!!!   And then proceeded to have a fit because Gamma put the bowl up high on the fridge, away from his reach.  He got mad, but got over it pretty quickly.  Then we made blueberry muffins and had breakfast.
I went in to put my clothes on, and Noah came running into my room. He had taken his pajama pants and pull up off, and was pulling my hand to come with him.  I followed him into the bathroom, where I had already set up his step stool, and potty seat so it would be all ready for him.  He was running to go sit on the potty.  I lifted him up, and he pointed for me to go out.  I stood just outside the doorway so he couldn't see me, but I could hear whether or not he was going.  Sure enough.....TINKLE!!!!!!!  I peeked my head inside with a big smile, and he said "YEA NOAH.....YOU DID IT!"  He was laughing and so excited.  And tinkle he did!  A full fledged tinkle!!!!  I got him down, made him flush, and then put him up on his step stool to wash his hands.  Put on his new trainer under skivvies, and then he took the step stool and ran to the fridge, where his treasure bowl was waiting.
He could hardly contain his excitement!  And neither could I.
He stood there looking into the bowl, and then began to take each thing out and look at it more closely....thinking......deciding......
eliminating, narrowing down.......touching.............
Raisins Gamma.....get outta here!!! 
After about 5 minutes, he had narrowed it down to three things. All three were cars.  He wanted them all so badly.  But Gamma said no.  You may only pick ONE!! So I suggested we lay them on the floor and give them all a good look and pick ONE!!  Oh however will I pick just one?
And finally.....success!!!  He picked the ambulance.   He was smiling from ear to ear, and I was clapping and cheering for him.  He knows he gets to go pick something else the next time he goes potty!  What a good this day is going to be!!!!
Your Mommy is going to be so proud of you Noah!!!!  Gamma sure is!!!!


everyday katie said...

Well aren't you a nice grandma. Grayden gets one skittle for #1 and two skittles for #2. Nothing like a whole toy.

Not to mention you're a nice grandma for taking on potty training responsibilities. (More like a nice mom.) I'll send Gray your way and you can send him back when he's potty trained. Sound like a plan?

Kris said...

Send him on over Katie!! I have lots of experience. Thanks for your nice words!!!

Diane said...

What a neat way to do it and how much fun for little Noah. It is amazing to me how difficult it is to find some of the old gear we used to have for potty training. I love the pics, especially the one of him on the stool in front of the fridge. Darling!

NanaNor's said...

Hye Kris, This is so cool....our peanut with the broken wrist, age 3, is still in diapers and no bribery will work on her. If I didn't have a old grumpy, no kid dog I'd bring her here for a few days to try more bribery....Noah did such a good old is he?
Have a great day!
Hugs, Noreen

Katie said...

That is just so so so sweet!!

Great Job Noah!!!

I love those undies, super cutsey!

Genn said...

Great job Noah! Isn't it funny what a little inspiration right under their noses will do?!

You are a very nice Grandma for doing that. You'll have him potty trained in no time.

Kristi said...

Yay Noah!! That is so exciting! Great idea for potty training, I love it and it definitely seems to be working! Good job Grandma!

Priscilla said...

WOO!! GO NOAH!! What a great Idea Kris! Erika is probably stoked!!

Diane said...

Good Job Noah!!!!
Good Job Kristy!!!

Erika has no idea how lucky she is...........G-G to Noah

Jamie said...

ok I'm totally learning from you! I've got to do this sometime soon so I'm taking notes!

Yay for Noah! He's so cute! I love that he was so excited! That is such a great Idea to have a goodie bowl. Let me know when I can send Bailey over! :)

Tawny said...

You are such a cool Gamma! Yeah for Noah! No more diapers, the best!