Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Roof Day Two

They worked a long and hard day yesterday!  By noon the roof was completely gone.
It's funny that we had to postpone for 2 weeks due to rain, and this week is downright hot!  I feel so bad for the roofers.  I can't even imagine doing this in the heat of the summer!
They were all very nice, and very considerate while here. They cleaned up after the day was done, and wrapped it up about 7:00 at night just as Greg was getting home.
Luckily, or unluckily, I am not sure which yet, I didn't realize the garage was going to be so bad!  Not thinking ahead of time that there would be nothing between the old roof and open sky.  Therefore, the mess in there was unbelievable!  They did cover up some of the space, and they swept it out before going home, but it was BAD!  We keep a lot of stuff in there too.  I didn't get a picture of what the garage floor looked like, but here is one behind the garage, and this is what was everywhere!!
This dirt and debris was on every shelf, in every box, in every corner, and left almost nothing untouched.  After Noah went home, a little before 4, I went out with the shop vac and a bunch of wet rags to start cleaning.  When Greg got home at 7, I was just about to call it a day.  He ran and picked up some Miguel's for our dinner, and I collapsed in a filthy heap on the front porch swing to rest.
When they left last night, this is where we were at.  First pic...our open air garage.
Front of house.
Back of house.
By the end of today, the sheathing will be done.  I learned that it is spelled sheathing, but pronounced-sheeting.  From what I understand, it will be taking the better part of the week.  I have got to get out of here today.  I cannot STAND to be in a closed up space. We have had all the windows shut tight, to keep out dirt and reduce the noise.  Today I will be able to leave though.  Sam's is our first stop.
Here is how Noah and I passed the time yesterday.  Lately he has had something against having his shirt on????  Or, he only wants to wear a shirt with a VROOM-VROOM on it....that's a car or truck.
Thank goodness for the half price Nerf golf set I bought over the weekend.
We did have one minor casualty in the day of clanging and banging.  We were in the family room, when a loud crash occurred.  I ran into the kitchen hoping and praying it was NOT my brand new beautiful window!!!!!  Thank heavens it was not.  But I was sad to see what was lying on my very unforgiving brick kitchen floor.
My dear neighbors Carl and Sue travel extensively and often bring me back treasures.  This was a gorgeous bowl from Spain.  I loved this piece!!!  I kept it on my kitchen shelf above the window, on a stand next to a smaller matching piece that came together with it.  Although I hated to see it had broken, I saved the pieces, and plan to break it up into uniform pieces and use it to make something.  Stay tuned.  That way, I will still have it to remember, and the colors will be beautiful in a mosaic of some sort for my garden.
Next...more Fresh & Easy favs.  I LOVE this store.
The BEST sourdough bread ever. And these sourdough english muffins are great. They put Thomas' to shame!
This salad dressing is SO great.  And I love the cute little bottles it comes in. This way, you use if for a few salads, or veggie dips, and then it is gone.  No storing zillions of salad dressing bottles on the door of your fridge.
Another favorite, but no pic...is the lemon cilantro hummus!!!    This last time I bought two of the Rosemary Focaccia bread balls.  Gave one to Gennifer to try. She gave it two thumbs up too.
If you have a Fresh & Easy, I encourage you to go try it out. They have some great products.  The first time I went, it sort of turned me off to have to scan my own groceries. But they bag it for you, and now that I know how to do it, it isn't scary at all.  I even do the self check at Home Depot now!!!!  Look at me....texting, self check out, all into the new world of high technology!!!! 
So, there you have it.   Another gorgeous day in Corona CA., and this banging and pop, pop, popping of the nail gun is getting to me.   We will be taking off soon, to anywhere but here!  Happy Day Bloggers!!!!
OH...and one last thing.  A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this lovely lady!  Sherri has been my dear friend since we were babies.  Our Mom's are dear friends.  Went to school together, and remained close their whole lives, and are still best girlfriends to this day.  Sherri is the oldest of three girls.  We are 10 mo. apart.  OUR daughters are 10 mo. apart.  Sherri and I were best friends as children, remained close in our adult lives, even though she and her family moved to Washington for many years.  She came back, and moved in right down the street from me, and we were together again.  Sherri is a nurse and works long hours, and I am busy with babysitting Noah, so our visits have become less frequent.  But she is always near and dear to my heart!  We got to be together last Saturday night at my Mama's birthday party.  Today she is at Glen Ivy.  She invited me to come along, but I can't go.  (sniff-sniff)  I am thinking of you today my forever friend....Sherraine Hicks Klein.   Happiest of Happy Birthdays to you!!!!!  I posted this already, but here we are again.  Sherri and her husband Dave and I, taken last Saturday night.


Genn said...

Wow. I can't imagine the mess from getting a new roof. I can just see you dying to get out there and clean the second the workers left too. You OCD cleaning type A woman you!

I still need to go to fresh & easy, but I just ran out of my creamy cilantro dressing that I stole from you. It is SO SO good. The best dressing I've ever tasted I think. I am sure I'll find lots of new favorite things there.

Pam said...

We need a new roof too!

I would save the pieces of the bowl and make a mosaic with them.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Hubby and I have put roofs on a couple of homes-when we were younger-so glad I don't need one right now. Your home is beautiful. Have a great afternoon.
Hugs, Noreen

Kelly said...

oh my, i must go get that dressing.. and the foccassia dough, haven't tried either yet.

i can't wait to see your whole house redo.. windows, roof, apint... lucky you!

Debbie said...

WOW...for some reason I didn't think of the mess it would make in the garage or all around really...QUITE the chore...But just think how wonderful it is all going to look when you are done. I am excited to see the paint go on. The salad dressing sounds wonderful as does the bread. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your wonderful friend.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Beeen away from home and blogs for a week and I missed part one - UGH!! THE MESS - I can't imagine. We had a new roof put on a fe years ago and the dust in the attic from the nails - sawdust on evertyhing we store up there!!Your garage mess sure trumps that unfortunately!!

Kristi said...

Fun, a new roof. Boo, the mess. I bet you were sweating with anticipation of them leaving to go clean it all up, lol!! Can't WAIT to see it all done, and the new paint and everything. So exciting!

I'm going to have to try Fresh and Easy again. The first time I went, I was not very impressed and have not been back. Now that I know some things that you like, I'll have to try them out.

Katie said...

In the middle of your post I googled the Fresh and Easy store, none close to me ;( Bummer, it looks like they have some great stuff too!

Can't wait to see what you do with the broken pieces of that bowl!

Awe, Happy Birthday to Sherri, their daughter played on one of my softball teams, her & Dave look Exactly the same! I swear ya'll have some good genes!

Pink Martini said...

Holy moley! Sending you a virtual pink martini! :) xoxo

Maryrose said...

I feel a field trip drive by to check out that new roof today...wow I had no idea it was so involved (and messy) Hope you don't have anymore casualties, I hate when things break. Enjoy the sound of men at work...personnally one of my favs.

Kaye said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading about your roof issues, pool fence, and sweet grandson. I am always on the lookout for fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren and that nerf golf set sounds like a LOT of fun. I'll have to keep my eyes open for that. Thank you for the idea. :) Have a fun rest of the week! :)

Eugene said...

Roofers can endure the heat of the sun, and besides, they're wearing helmets to protect their head from the excessive heat of the sun. By the way, you do an adorably large house! That swimming pool is so beautiful, it makes me want to dive in! Also, your salad and creamy cilantro dressing is mouthwatering. That surely made me hungry!
- Eugene Head

Lenore Lung said...

Hi Kristin! I can’t imagine working under the heat either. But it is better that they work in that kind of weather instead of it raining. I agree that having the roof fixed can be so messy and I also hate that I have to lock up inside the house while people are at work. It’s just a little sacrifice though.

Lenore Lung

Allyson Duguay said...

It's a good thing that you spelled it right; otherwise, that could be so hilarious! Anyway, that roof is impressive, durable, and very attractive!
- Allyson Duguay