Monday, June 28, 2010

Do You Know Gigi Hill?

If you don't, you should.  
My neighbor invited me to a Gigi Hill party at her house on Friday.  It just so happened that Erika had come to pick Noah up early that day so I went on over to see what this Gigi Hill thing was all about.  Actually, I knew enough about it to want to see more, because all I had heard was that Gigi Hill was a new company based in Yorba Linda, my hometown, founded by two ladies who designed wonderful oil cloth totes.  Well, I love Yorba Linda, I love purses and totes, and I especially love Oil Cloth!!!!  So off I went to the party.  I was so impressed by this line of bags!  I loved them!  They were extremely well made, cleverly designed, made with beautifully coordinating fabrics, and there was something for just about everyone.  From young moms needing diaper bag type totes, to a regular purse, make up bags, travel totes, reversible totes, overnight bags, etc.  You name it, they thought of it.  I was in desperate need of a new wallet.  So I was thrilled to discover they had a wallet that I loved.
I like this type of wallet, where everything stays inside, and there is no spilling out of the contents.
I keep a lot of crap good stuff in my wallet, and every single thing fit nicely.
I just so happened to love the fabrics of these three pieces that she had with her at the party.  But you can order your pieces in any fabric combo you like, and have it shipped to you.
I purchased the reversible tote.  A matching zip bag, which I had thought would be good for my ipad.  And then, the wallet, all in the same color combo.  

Each piece is named after a movie star.  How clever is that?  I can't remember all of the names of my pieces, and my daughter Gennifer took the brochure home to look at to see which ones she wants.  But I think that the color combo I got was called Tahiti Chocolate.  I could be wrong on that. I agreed to have a party in July.  I hope you can come. You will LOVE these bags!!!
I leave you with a couple sneak peeks  of the house paint.   I still have a couple things to do before showing the rest.  
The black shutters look great against the brick on the house.  
But my favorite of all..........
Is the Brick RED door I have always wanted.
Mr. G is still in a lot of pain and discomfort, although he did have a pretty good weekend.  We saw 2 movies, and went out to dinner, for the first time in 5 weeks, since this happened.  We are certainly hoping that this is a good sign.
My garden continues to be producing mass quantities of yellow squash and zucchini.  With cukes and peppers, and herbs and berries, all coming in now too.  
Man I love that yellow step stool!!!  
Happy Monday to all of you, wherever you may be!


Sharon said...


Hope you remember me! My daughter, Sarah (Genn's client & worked with Erika@ Alb) is a GiGi Hill consultant. We are SOLD on their products. Love, love, love them! The wallet is the BEST wallet I've ever owned. I have the Audrey in English Chocolate and get tons of compliments on it. Enjoy!


Genn said...

I can't wait to own one of these bags!!!!!!!!! I loved Sara's when I saw her with it one day in Target. They are so cute and so practical. I like the ones you chose. I can't decide which pattern I want.

Jennifer said...

Can honestly say I have never heard of Gigi Hill...but I'm totally interested and wanting to find a party near me:) just from your pictures (and great sales pitch!) Gotta Google it:)

Sorry your hubbie is in so much pain - hope he improves during the week. And can't wait to see the paint - such suspense!

Happy Monday -

NanaNor's said...

Hi Kris, I too have never heard of Gigi Hill but like what I see. I would definitely be checking out your party if I was closer and also if budget allowed it.
I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's continuing pain-I will be praying that the dr's can figure this out.
How are your shingles?
Love your are so productive.
Have a great night.
Hugs, Noreen

Katie said...

Never heard of Gigi Hill, but super cute totes you got! I love that they are named after actresses, that is very clever! I would want the Julia Roberts bag!

Do you know if Nana & Your Mom have made it back?

Love your black shudders & the Red Brick Door is the best!

Kris said...

Hi Katie,
Mom and Nana got home yesterday around noon. I talked to Mom last night. She was exhausted but said they had a really good time, and that Nana did well on the trip, and enjoyed her visit with Dorothy. How are you feeling lately? Any better? I sure hope so.

Linda said...

Very cute bags and the sneek peek of the house colors look great.

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

How darling! I adore cute weakness! I have not heard of these yet...I will check them out!

Your stool is grandmother had one just like it...aaahhhh memories!


Anonymous said...

Mom stylish wallet!!! Check you out! I'm minorly obsessed with yellow right now...luvs it! Go you! Glad you went to do that :)

P.s. are "cukes" cucumber? B/c if so I'm excited...if not I'm worried bout what you're growing lol

Katie said...

Oh good, I wondered if they were ever going to return!! I'm glad Nana had a good time.
Yes, I seem to do a little better on the medication, but for other reasons I had to cut back on it, so I seem to function as a half human between the hours of 10 & 3, I will be happy when this is over with & it will take at least another 10 yrs before I forget the misery to have another ;)

Jamie said...

Hi! You are so sweet to offer to have us over to swim! That would be fun!
Those purses are cute!
Hoping your hubby feels better soon- pain and discomfort stinks, poor guy :(

Tammie said...

Hi Kris!

Great minds think alike, I knew I loved you! I'm having a Gigi Hill party at 10 am on July 15.....I'll let Maryrose know too....feel free to join her and come on over!


Charlee said...

Genn's blog reader again thanks for showing this I contacted a seller and I am so ordering a bag and wallet soon thats my faveorite wallet style and its not easy to find in cuty and trendy patterns!